Hotel Accounting 101: What Every Operator Needs to Know


accounting for hotels

Assists the night staff with guest-related processes, calls or problems, and anticipates sold-out situations. Perform front desk tasks when needed, including guest service, information and related duties. Is a senior member of the team and a strategic financial leader who champions key initiatives and business plans. Accountants understand common tools used to log data such as Microsoft Excel or Quick-Books, as well as knowledge on certain procedures like conducting audits.

With the right software and smart integrations that easily connect with your PMS, you can make this task more manageable. We’ve looked at some of the software that can help, but most importantly, having a knowledgeable professional in charge of this important realm of the business is fundamental. You can easily integrate financial data with your PMS so that you can focus on interpreting the data in order to make the best decisions possible for your business. Understand the diverse profiles of different types of hotel guests and discover strategies to enhance their experience and maximise revenue for your property.


The more your business grows, the more likely you’ll need advanced industry solutions. For example, if you’re running a group of hotels, you’ll need a property management system that can handle all of your locations from a single dashboard. The cash method involves recognizing revenues when you receive payments and deducting expenses when you pay them. It’s generally easier to implement, but it’s also the less accurate of the two. Setting room rates is one of the most unique and complex aspects of hotel accounting. Though software exists that can organize the necessary data and help with the challenge, it’s not perfect, and human input is still often needed.

What type of accounting do hotels use?

Managerial accounting involves organizing your financial reporting in a way that helps managers make intelligent business decisions, and it's essential for hotels. They need financial information to set room rates, hire staff, and determine budgets.

A bit more discussion revealed that his hotel company did not have a completed accounting policy manual. I suggested I could help him create a custom policy manual for his hotels. I told him I had worked with other clients and had developed a standard set of hotel-specific accounting policies. You can monitor cash flows in real time thanks to online accounting, invoicing, billing and banking. Connect Xero with Mews to transfer data in real time, and you can transfer daily revenue and payment data between both systems regularly. Hotel accounting is the process by which cash flows are tracked across departments in order to analyze the hotel’s financial position during any particular period.

Hotel Accounting Services

It helps you simplify complex accounting processes, such as creating professional financial statements, invoicing, billing, tax compliance, and expense tracking. Other important capabilities of the solution include estimating and quoting on jobs, tracking time and costs, sending personalized invoices, and collecting online payments. With Xero’s financial reporting tool, you can access your balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow records at any given time. Xero is an online accounting solution that recognizes the needs of hotel businesses to simplify accounting tasks. It provides an array of powerful accounting features, from tracking bills and expenses, sending invoices, quotes, and estimates, to managing projects, and streamlining the entire accounting process.

For some, the director of purchasing or director of information technology may also report to the DoFA, depending on the size of the operation. The night auditor’s job is to ensure the numbers for the day are in line with what’s expected. They’ll also review daily reports and operate the front desk by checking guests in and out during the night.

Begin your journey in Accounting

As a matter of fact, the success of Hotel Management sometimes fully depends on accounting information. Because hotel accounting involves a more complex set of practices than typical accounting, accounting personnel must go through training that differs from traditional training. Aside from the basic revenue and expenses, staff must take into consideration the varying room rates, late charges, vendor contracts and charges made to a room. In addition to accounting for small businesses, you can take advantage of our team of financial experts, including tax professionals, when you choose comprehensive financial management with FinancePal. Running a hotel involves a lot of moving parts, with financial management being the foundation for operations.


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