Doomsday Theory, Earth Will End Soon?

    doomsday theory

    Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website today. I’m glad you coming today because this day I want to share something interesting to bring up to the surface. Yeah, it’s about doomsday theory. Well, as you know doomsday become so popular lately even bring up as the topic of few big movies, novel, comic, even anime. However, what do you know about doomsday? Do you well prepared if that happening? What will happen then? Let’s find out more about this topic today.

    Doomsday Theory

    There are so many people asking about when the world will end, huh? Well, I’m little curious too but my curiosity leads me to find more answer than just daydreaming and wondering out of nowhere. There are so many theory about how the world will end and when it will happening. Well, before we talk any further let me ask you simple question. What is doomsday according to your opinion?

    The meaning of doomsday according to some expert is the day where the earth, the galaxy and anything in it destroyed by a cause that still unknown until now. If we talk about doomsday we will remember few big office movie like The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, I Am Legend, War Of The Worlds, and several other movies with earth destruction concept.

    Theory Of Doomsday

    Scientist itself has been approved that human will extinct someday. Therefore there is still an argument between the scientist about how we will extinct. A few research about the most possibles way the world extinction has been done. The result of this research is used by several producers to make a movie. Here is a list of a few theory of doomsday.

    1. Virus apocalypse
    2. Black hole apocalypse
    3. Alien Invasion apocalypse
    4. Crash between two planets
    5. Nuclear war
    6. Sun run out of energy

    What do you think after reading the whole possibilities of human extinction? Which one do you think is the most suitable to happen in our condition this day where humanity has lost its place in the human heart when everyone pursuing money above everything, where nobodies seem to care about the other. Well, if you ask my opinion, I think this world already end emotionally, we just need to wait for the big event to end this world for sure. When the world end the only thing left in human is sadness and remorse. While there is still a time to fix everything, why not try to be a better person and live without any regret. Live your life at your best.

    I think my article today about doomsday theory is enough for you. I hope my article today can lead you to the right way to live without regret until that time come. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with the other as a reminder to them. Thanks for reading my article for today, see you soon on my another article.

    There is only one thing is sure in this world.

    Everything has it’s time.



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