How To Decorate A Small Hollywood Glamour Study Room

525 – Are you thinking of decorating a small Hollywood glamour study room? If so, there are many features to consider. You will have to consider the space, light and ventilation. It may be that you will have to go back to school in the area or that you just want to make use of a home in the neighborhood for this purpose.

How to Make Interesting Study Room Decorations

There is also the question of style. This is particularly important if you are decorating a small study room. If you want your study room to make a statement, you need to get creative. This means using colors that stand out. You should take into consideration the current colors of the rooms you are trying to decorate. It will be helpful to use magazines and television shows for ideas.

If you want your study room to be somewhat private, you can opt for blinds or shades. Some people like to use heavy drapes or curtains. If you are concerned about noise, then you should look for blackout shades or blinds. If you have a fan, you should make sure it is placed on the lowest setting. If you are worried about noises, then invest in earplugs to muffle the sounds.

A room with low ceilings is ideal for this purpose. As long as you make use of shelves and cubbies, you can make your study room seem bigger than it actually is. This works especially well if you have bookshelves made of books. Small movies and toys can also be stored on shelves.

Gives a Romantic Feel

Your room can have a romantic feel to it by having candles, flowers and even pictures on the walls. Remember that Hollywood glamour is all about light. So if there are windows in the room, make sure they are clear so that a beautiful view of outside the house can be seen. Also, choose light colors such as white, yellow and off-white. You can even have a desk with a small table and chair in the front so that you can place your laptop on it.

For some, a study room has to be like a sanctuary where one can spend time for meditation. This can be done by decorating the room to make it feel like a spa. You can add pillows and blankets on the bed and add dimmers for complete privacy. In order to achieve total privacy, cover the windows so no one can see you.

Tips for Creating a Comfortable Study Room

For more comfort, you can put a small sofa and chair in front of the study room window. Make sure the cushions used are soft and comfortable so that you can sit for hours on them. For an added touch of elegance, display a small vase of fresh flowers in a vase. In the event you cannot find enough space for a vase, just use pictures frames instead.

A small Hollywood glamour is all about injecting some personality into the room without making it too flashy and stuffy. Use light colors and beautiful furniture and accent pieces to create an atmosphere that feels warm and inviting. For more ideas on decorating your small Hollywood glamour study room, check out some design magazines or browse through the Internet. For more options, visit a local store that sells home furnishings. For more help on interior design, check out your local home improvement store.

Choosing the Right Sofa

You can choose between a sofa with or without arms. In case you have small children in the house, it’s best to avoid bulky sofas and select a simple, easy-to-use sofa with legs. A coffee table that sits on the floor between the chairs is also a good option.

When choosing a wallpaper, make sure you choose something that doesn’t have a lot of distracting patterns or images. Choose something plain or geometric that will not only add class and warmth to the room but also makes the room look bigger. Wall art on the wall is a great way to add visual interest but be careful about overdoing it. Too many pictures and paintings can make a small room look cramped. One or two works of art on the walls is often enough to enhance the look of the room.

For some final touches, consider adding small paintings to the wall. Art pieces that depict flowers, fruits or other soft images can help to add a sense of tranquility to the room. Soft lighting also helps to create a lovely atmosphere. And last but not least, it’s also nice to have a television nearby because it will provide you with some distraction from all the noise.


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