Victorian Bedroom – Give Your Room a New Look!

521 – The Victorian Bedroom has a lot of history in itself. There are beautiful period pieces that you can use to decorate your bedroom, or you can use some of the more popular Victorian decor today. If you love the Victorian style, it will be fun to create a look that fits perfectly in your home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Using Vintage Accents for a Victorian Bedroom

Using vintage accents to dress up your victorian bedroom is easy, as there are many ways to incorporate the Victorian era into your bedroom. The Victorian era called for ornate decorative objects on almost every surface, from the bed to the wardrobe. Inspired by the French country sachets, the doubloon s what-on the bottom left corner of your victorian bed was the ideal place to display decorative items like busts, miniature figurines, and various other what-nots. You don’t have to buy all of these items, but if you have some on hand, you can easily create the look in your room.

In the victorian bedroom, light colors such as off-white or pale blue were used on furnishings, window treatments, rugs, and even wall paper. Contrasting colors such as red and dark green were also used in decorating. These bold colors bring out the antique look in your home, while keeping in mind the modern touch that you are going for.

Accessories Tips with Antique Look

If you are trying to recreate this decorative style, you’ll need to do a bit of research to find out which items will work best in your situation. There are plenty of Victorian bedroom rugs and accessories available on the market today, so finding a decorative item that will fit into your Victorian styled room is not difficult at all. Just remember to keep with the antique look, and try to find decorative pieces that use aged techniques as well.


One important thing to remember when decorating your victorian bedroom is that certain types of furnishings should be avoided, such as fancy dressers and over sized furniture. Instead, focus more on using smaller pieces of furniture that is elegant in design. For instance, instead of having a full size dresser, choose a simple dresser that has intricate carvings and is intricately upholstered in your chosen fabric. This will tie the piece of furniture in with the rest of your decor, and allow it to fit seamlessly into your room.

Choosing to Use Victorian Bedroom Wall Color Paints

In addition to using a bold color scheme to bring out the charm of this style, you should also paint your walls a pale shade of your chosen color. The reason for this is that the walls in a victorian bedroom are usually painted a much larger than normal size. You need to make sure that the walls are not overwhelming in size, because the smallness of the room will add a sense of depth. By painting the walls a light pastel color, it will give the illusion of a much larger space.

When decorating your victorian bedroom you can add in an interesting touch by adding an old fashioned ottoman to the floor. These would be great for sitting on while reading your favorite book. In addition to using an ottoman, you could also use a loveseat as a foot rest on the end of your bed. If you don’t want to use an ottoman, you could also place a modern dresser against one wall in your victorian style theme.

There are many other touches that can be added to complete the look of your victorian bedroom. For example, you can use different shades of reds for the walls and spices that have a red hue for the upholstery on your furniture. The Victorian era was a time when people were very into decorating their home, so if you are wanting to decorate in this style, there are many products available to help you with this task.


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