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Japanese Living Room Design Inspired Style Small House Rooms - layjao – Japanese Living Room Interior Design is not as complicated as it may seem. In fact, the space you choose to live in should be planned carefully. A living room is one of the most important rooms in a house and should be given extra attention because it is where you spend your time together with your family. Choosing the right layout can set the mood and atmosphere of the room. The following are five practical Japanese living room interior design tips that will help to make your home more appealing.

Tips for Using Color on Furniture and Walls

The first tip involves using simple lines and smooth curves in the furniture and walls. Although plain colors are more traditional, they have to be softened and coordinated with bright pinks, blues, and greens. Pinks, for example, are a good choice for a room with a relaxing, serene atmosphere. They can be used in bright oranges, yellows, and reds. If you do not like bright colors, you can also use pale pastels but keep in mind that they must be well-chlorinated and filtered.

You should also avoid dark colors such as black and dark browns. These colors have the tendency to make the room feel cramped and closed. In contrast, lighter colors such as pale yellows, mauve, and light blue can make a room feel open and cozy. You may want to use these colors if you want a cozy atmosphere or if you wish to draw the eye away from the television and DVD.

When choosing which colors to use, you should think about the mood that you want to create in the room. If you want it to be serene and peaceful, you may paint the walls in pale pastels. If you want the room to feel vibrant and energetic, you may choose to paint the walls in rich blues, greens, and yellows. On the other hand, if you want your room to have a luxurious touch, you may use the exact same colors but use a little more gold.

Japanese Living Room Interior Design

Another one of Japanese living room interior design tips is to put in lots of storage space. The use of storage containers is actually very common in Japanese design. In fact, these containers are often placed on the shelves of the furniture, creating a coordinated look. As a matter of fact, you may even use two-shelf storage units for side tables or cabinets.

Of course, the lighting in a Japanese-themed home is going to vary a great deal from that of a traditional American one. In fact, you may find that the lights are placed in areas where you feel that you would like them to be, rather than simply relying on artificial lights. However, these living room interior design tips should not stop you from trying different things. Indeed, experimenting is the best way to get the most out of your home decor.

Decorating Living Room With Japanese Theme

One final tip for incorporating Japanese themes into your home is to focus on the flow of your room. For example, if you have a door with a light coming in from the other room, try closing it up while you are decorating. That way, you can focus on that particular element, rather than having to open and close the door all the time. Again, Japanese living room interior design tips do tell you that counters should be used for items that you want to keep close to the floor, such as medicine. However, the counters can also be used to display decorative objects, so you may want to include those as well.

Hopefully, now you know some Japanese inspired living room interior design tips that you can use in your home. If you want to take these decorations to the next level, you may even want to consult with a home decorator to help you integrate more Japanese items into the room. Or, why not do it yourself? After all, your home is your own, and you can live with whatever style you like!


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