Small Eclectic Living Room Ideas

588 – Are you looking for a small eclectic living room? Small and Interdisciplinary, just what you need to spruce up a bland lifeless space. The days of fitting all your furniture into one little corner are gone, so what do you do? Well if you have an untidy room and a small budget, you should really be thinking of incorporating the small and eclectic living room idea into your home. To help you with that elusive mix, here are 50 amazing eclectic living rooms to get you started:

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

A Touch of Eclectic Living Room The eclectic living room design concept revolves around bringing together several design ideas to create a look that is unique to you. Eclectic as a design concept refers to a mixture of various designs and styles that are usually brought together in a small and highly-interchangeable manner. For small living room design, the key to getting this result is to use small items in different ways. For instance, you could mix large and small coffee tables and end tables, use a TV mount above the fireplace or use a table as the focal piece instead of a sofa. You can even place a few chairs on the sofa, but make sure they are small and in contrast to the wall.

What’s Hot This summer As summer quickly approaches, it’s time to get your summer reading fix and enjoy a diverse selection of books to brighten up your small living room. Top 100 Bestselling Books for Fall is an excellent way to bring together your summer reading lists. This list features top sellers and best-sellers in today’s most popular subjects, from cookery and decor to serious study and more. Other popular book selections include: American Gods, By John Green, Eat, Breathe, Remember, Twilight, One Hundred Greatest Books Ever Written, The Sound Of Music, A History Of Western Music, The Chronicles Of Narnia, and Chicks from the Caves, amongst many others.

Color Experimenting Living Room Decoration Inspiration

Easy Going Decorating This year, don’t be afraid to experiment with new texture and color to jazz up your small and cozy living rooms. Use a rustic style rug to create a unique focal point on which to display a collection of vintage or contemporary decorative accessories. Using a black and white area rug over a wooden floor will pop the color scheme of your space, complete with an area rug and colorful throw pillows. Don’t forget the accent throw pillow on your coffee or tea table. This year, use contemporary artwork as your inspiration for decorating your smallish living rooms.

Trendy But Not Outgoing Trendy living rooms don’t have to be dull and staid. With the help of modern design trends, you can create a fashionable, yet elegant living room without sacrificing character. Look for pieces from the new wave of decorating designers that are borrowing the unmistakable Victorian flair borrowed from the old buildings of the past. Find rugs with clean lines and subtle color schemes that are modern without being overwhelming. Add in sconces and candles in rich browns and silvers, as well as a curio cabinet to hold your prized collectibles.

Simple Style with Bright Colors

Simple But Colorful With minimal colors and bold prints, this year’s decorating palette allows you to add a dash of color to your small spaces without being overpowering. Hang a bright teal rug on a bold painted wall. Match a fuchsia accent pillow with a purple couch. In keeping with the colors used throughout the room, opt for simple furniture with sleek metal frames and wood accents. This simple style is perfect for a period home that wants to create a warm and inviting environment.

Bold Color And Simple Formal Ornate Victorian themes are perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to a small eclectic living room. Create a formal living room with an antique mantel and ornate fixtures, then finish it off with a bold color scheme and comfortable flooring. In keeping with the theme of the Victorian era, choose ornate antiques and period furnishings to bring a little character to your decor.


Add Some Flavor With a little creativity, you can turn your small space into an inviting and welcoming place to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine. Consider using a coffee table and wooden flooring to create a very formal look. Matching colors and bold patterns will provide the finishing touches to your room. Remember, decorating a small space can be the most fun part of creating your own home!


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