Different Types of Sandals For Women


Erlanggablog.com – Sandals are no longer confined to the beach and poolside, but can now be seen on the feet of women across the world. Sandals give the women a chic and fashionable look. The latest addition to this collection of footwear is the sandal called the Teva Women’s Lace Up Tops with a Velcro strap closure. Made of ultra-light, smooth leather, these sandals are comfortable and elegant.

Flexible and Soft Footwear Sandal

These footwear sandal come with a flexible band that helps keep the sandal secured to the foot, while adding a stylish look to it. The band that fastens the sandal is placed at the top of the heel. The band can also be used to help keep the other three toes inside the shoe, if required. The straps of the sandal are made of soft leather, which helps prevent irritation on the skin. A strip of soft cord, which connects the strap to the bottom of the sandal, is also made of soft leather, to ensure that the sandal does not slip.

The Teva Women’s Flip-flops sandal is one such popular footwear from the Teva family. These sandals have a soft midsole and are specially designed to provide comfort to the wearer. The flip-flop has an easy-to-use hook and loop closures, making them suitable for everyone from infants to the elderly. The fastenings can either be left loose, or can be fastened with the help of special tie knots, so that you can easily get the sandal closed in case of an emergency.

For the outdoor enthusiasts, a pair of Teva hiking sandals is ideal. The soles of these sandals are made from tough polyurethane. Because they are meant for hiking purposes only, the toe area of the sole is made thicker, to absorb shock, while providing optimum grip. This thick sole is also designed to prevent the ankles from getting pinched when you are hiking, by preventing the ankle from slipping off the heel.

Wedges Are One Type of Women’s Footwear Sandal

Another type of footwear sandal from Teva is the Wedge. As the name suggests, the wedge is curved in the middle, providing excellent ankle support and stability. The most prominent feature of a typical wedge sandal is the large wedge, which is made out of carbon fiber. Other than the large wedge, the other features that are commonly found on wedges include air pockets at the toe-box and a thin midsole.

One of the latest styles in footwear sandals is the womens’ Jelly Sandal from Jelly Belly. The jelly substance on this sandal has antibacterial properties, which make it a favorite among pregnant women. The antibacterial properties do not affect the quality of the sandal, but they make it easier for the wearer to clean the stain. Wearing Jelly Belly womens’ Jelly Sandals will make it more comfortable for the women to exercise, as sweat makes it harder to breath properly. These womens’ Jelly Sandals are quite easy to find, as they are one of the more popular brands in the market.

Popular Choice Among Modest Women

The Flip Sandal from Bonjour is a popular choice amongst fashion-conscious women. These sandals are lightweight and have a thin, sturdy sole. The sole provides good traction, while the straps are quite flexible and comfortable. Because the flip flop has such a simple design, it can be worn for casual occasions as well as for outdoor sports.

Skegos are another type of footwear sandal. They have a unique, open style, with only one strap holding up the lower part of the foot. Skegos are very popular among casual beach goers, because of their lightness. These sandals may come with detachable straps, so that the owner can change the strap position to accommodate his or her feet’s changing positions throughout the day.


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