What is Necrophilia? Are They Sane?

what is necrophilia

Hello, guys and welcome back again to my website. Today I want to discuss what is necrophilia and the definition of it. So, do you ever heard about necrophilia? Or maybe your friend is one of necrophilia addict? So, you don’t know about necrophilia? Well, it’s my pleasure to give this information about necrophilia to you. Stay tuned guys.

What is Necrophilia?

So, do you know what is necrophilia? What? It’s your first time hearing about necrophilia? Well, I can’t blame you, right? So, I will explain to you what is necrophilia. Necrophilia is one of strangest abnormality on human history. According to some medical records, the meaning of necrophilia is a sexual attraction or a sexual act with involving a dead body or corpses in it, sometimes they form a desire to a dead body very much. Well, this kind of people really didn’t attract to alive people again. They didn’t have any pleasure than when they are doing it with a dead body. It’s kinda strange, right? However, that’s the truth of necrophilia addict. Not much thing we can do about this abnormality.

History Behind Necrophilia

There are not many people knowing the origin of this abnormality. Well, I will try to explain you about the history behind necrophilia. The story of necrophilia act started long ago in our history. According to history, this necrophilia act started in Ancient Egypt. Herodotus the famous Greek author stated in history that in Ancient Egypt, beautiful women are not get embalmed immediately because there are several cases discovered the embalmer had sex with the body of a recently dead woman. So, to prevent that act people in Ancient Egypt will wait for several days had passed before they get embalmed.

So, Necrophilia is Sexual Disorder?

Well, it’s definitely right. Necrophilia is a mental illness that affects our sexual lust. According to crime list, there are a few people written in history as Necrophiles or Necrophilia addict.

  1. Giles De Rais or also know as Baron de Rais was a knight and lord from Britany. Baron de Rais get charged because of court decide he the one who take responsibility for the case of 200 – 600 kids murdering, kidnapping and raping. Baron de Rais also sometimes keep the heads of his victim as appreciation for his victim,
  2. There a case of gravediggers in Italy confess he have done this activity with hundred corpses. Most of them are a beautiful girl.
  3. Henri Blot from France under arrest after a grave keeper capture him inside someone grave.

There are many cases about Necrophilia. I hope you are not one of them.

How To Cure Necrophilia


Well, I guess there are so many of you that want to know how to cure necrophilia, right? Bad news for you, because this is mental illness there’s still no cure for this illness. However, if you seek for a treatment you can come to visit some psychiatrist and tell them about your illness. I believe they have a solution for your mental illness

I really hope this article can help you or at least will give you new information about what is necrophilia. Well, If you find this article useful, please share to you friend or family or anyone who need this information. Thanks for reading my article and see you soon in my next article.


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