We Need To Keep Our Genital Area Clean but Why?

we need to keep our genital area clean

Hello guys, welcome back to our website again. Well, today I want to ask you a question. Why do you think we need to keep our genital area clean? Well, so many of us underestimate about this right? That’s why today I will explain you about the risk behind our ignorant to our genital area.

So, Why We Need To Keep Our Genital Area Clean?

That’s must be something in your mind right now after reading a few words from me in my first line. So, I can guess you know nothing about this right? Your teacher never explain this to you? Or you didn’t pay enough attention when they explain it to you? Well, I will still be going to explain this to you anyway. The answer to this simple question because they are your only reproduction system you have and if they are get infected by bacteria or virus. You will never have seed to continue your bloodline.

So, do you understand why your genital is precious for you? Well, after knowing why your genital is very precious. You need to know how to keep your genital area. I will try to explain this to you. So, don’t go anywhere and keep reading my article.

How To Clean it?

As a human, we always need a reason or evidence to do something. I really know that. Even some people always wait for something worst to happen so they have reason to do something, right? So, I will give you a reason to clean your genital area. There are plenty of reason why you need to clean it. However, I will just give you one. That’s for the sake of your partner healthy if you really love him or her you need to think about their health too, right? So why not start from keeping your genital area clean? It only takes a few minutes to do it. Here are a few steps you need to do to keep your genital clean.

  1. After you pee or poo, get used to washing your outside part with soap.
    1. For a woman: flush from the front side to your behind side, not otherwise. This is to prevent bacteria from entering your genital area.
    2. For a man: you only need to wash your genital with clean water is enough.
    3. Dry your genital area with a tissue because bacteria like to live and reproduce in a moist area. So, to prevent this you need to make sure your genital area clean and dry.
  2. Try to care about your underwear cleanness. In one day you need to change your underwear at least 2 times to ensure your genital area cleanness.
  3. Try to shave your genital area. You can try to shave your genital once a while because if the hair in your genital area become too long it will become a place to bacteria, fungus, and flea. So, make sure you shave them properly. Make it only 1/2 cm so you have a place to provoke good bacteria to reproduce in there.

The Risk Behind it

I think that information is enough. Well, let’s move to another topic. I want to tell you the risk if you didn’t clean it properly. There are a few risk if you didn’t clean it properly and just ignore your genital area. What? You don’t know about that? Well, you must be very thankful to me, because I will tell you the risk of it.

  1. Gonorrhea.
  2. This disease is a result when you didn’t keep your genital area properly.
  3. Herpes
  4. Genital warts or HPV

That’s all the information I can give to you about why we need to keep out genital area clean. Well, I hope this information can make you realize about how important your genital area. Well, if you find this article interesting or useful, please share this to your friend or family. See you next time in my next article.


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