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Start a conversation with someone we do not know is really hard. We know some people ever feel this one. We want to talk to them but we do not have any courage to begin. The reason is quite simple because of we afraid the people will upset with us if we talk something they do not like. Here, we have the simple tips to start a conversation. For you who have a hard time, this is the right time to solve your problem.

Ask a Simple Question without Disturbing their Private Life

The first thing you can do is ask simple questions. Remember do not ask about their private life. Talk about something common like a job or anything similar like that. If you accidentally ask something personal, just say sorry before the person gets upset. Also, do not ask too many questions. You are not a police officer but a normal person.

Become a Funny Person

When you talk to a stranger, you can make a joke story to make them relax around you. This is the key to talk to someone you do not know. If you can make them comfortable, they will start a chit chat and you will become friends in no time. You do not need to do it excessively or the person you talk will think you have a strange personality.

Know the Topic

It means you cannot reveal any private information to someone who does not know about yourself. If you do this, they leave you immediately. it is futile to tell your private story because they do not interested in that topic. They only think you as a weird person. Selection of the topic when you talk to someone you do not know who is really crucial.


Just Be Yourself

Sometimes we will feel afraid and nervous when talking to someone we do not know. But you cannot show it to the person you want to talk. They will feel afraid of you and do not want to start a conversation.  Before you start talking, erase your nervousness first. If you think it is impossible, you need to keep trying or you will not be able to start.

Final Words

Now, you already know the great tips to begin a conversation with someone you do not know. If you have the will, you can do it without any problem. For people who still have a lot of questions, just ask our help in the comment section below. Before we end this article, see the tips on how to be a good listener. We are sure it will help you to gain more confident when talking to someone.


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