How To Be a Good Listener and Become a Best Friend Ever

how to be a good listener

There are a lot of cases where people are demanded to listen to the other people story. Well, the case where people can live alone without the other people presence is almost impossible to happen. However, in several cases, there are a lot of people who force their self to not believing on anybody and try to hold all the burden alone. The question now is why he does not try to talk to the other people? It is not everyone is a jerk and not everyone will mock at you and call you a cry baby just because you tell your story to them. Well, I believe there is someone in your friend list that knows how to be a good listener.

deep depression


become a good listener

become a good listener

There are a lot of cases where people suddenly trapped in a deep depression. They are trapped in a dark place that they build by their own perception. Sometimes that kind of perception finally win against their rational mind and consume their whole soul and ends up leading them to the worst decision, suicide.

The question now is, how can we stop that circle? Honestly, to stop the circle of depression and a feeling of loneliness, we can contribute by becoming a good listener. So, how can we do that?

How To Be a Good Listener?

become a good listener

There are not so many people who understand the meaning of a good listener. Well, if you accidentally trap in a condition where you are a force to listen to someone, all you need to do is listen to their story! Don’t try to give them any suggestion or an advice, just listen to them and give a few simple reply. Don’t forget to show that you are really listening to them. Maintain an eye contact with them so they know you really there for them.

Well, to make it easier, read the list below!

  1. Place yourself in the other people shoes.
    • Somehow to understand someone feeling and to know about their’s feeling. We need to feel it by our own self. However, there are another simpler ways to do it. It’s by placing your own self inside the other’s person shoes.
  2. Avoid comparing the other person experience to your own experience.
    • Every experience is unique, that’s, why there is a word that told if “the time can’t be repeated twice.” That’s why avoid comparing your experience with their experience!
  3. Don’t try to give a quick solution.
    • Try to listen to their story before you can help them with your opinion. Because sometimes they don’t tell you the whole story because they seek for a solution it’s only because they thank you are a good person to be shared with.
  4. Show sympathize.
    • By giving a signal that you are listening, you already gave them a signal that you sympathize with their problem.
  5. Remember what you have been told.
    • Remember every story that they have to tell you. This can be a proof that you really care about their problem.
  6. Follow up about the progress of their’s problem.
    • Sometimes you need to ask to them about the progress of their problem. However, you need to cleverly to pick a time when you want to ask it. Because this topic also can be a sensitive matter too!
  7. Know what to do and what not to do!
    • For example of this thing is, try to not answer any phone call or interrupt their words. Make them feel like you appreciate their story.

Well, I hope my article today about how to be a good listener us enough and clear for you. If you think my article is interesting enough, please share my article with the other people too. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment box below. Well, I hope we will meet again in my next article. See you soon and have a nice day sir!


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