How To Become a Good Investor? Tips For Beginner!

how to become a good investor

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. This day I will bring up a serious topic about an economic world to you. First, let me ask you, do you know anything about an investation? Do you know which one is better between investation or bank? So, you think the bank is better, huh? Tell me, what is the reason you pick bank as your answer? To answer all of those questions, we need to learn what is investation and how to become a good investor. So, are you curious? Check out my information below!

World and Investation

Best investment option


There are a lot of people seeking for the easiest way to gain profit as much as possible to enrich their own self. However, there is no such thing like that in this world. So, what do you think can make people rich? Gambling? Debt? Or maybe corruption?

Honestly, the answer is not in all of those opinions. The answer is in your brain, the answer is about how clever someone can make a use of an opportunity. However, if you can’t take a good chance to make a use of the opportunity, you can make the opportunity come closer and easier to catch. The question now is, HOW?








How To Become a Good Investor

best way to invest money



Well, aside from the fact that playing with investation is quite risky, the benefit that this chance offer is also quite high. That’s why before we start doing an investation, we need to know about the best investment options that will grant a high rate of turn rate of your money. Here is the list of a few goods that can be recommended as the best options for investation.







  1. Peer To Peer Lending(High Risk).
    • I suggest you to only do this to someone you know really close. Why? Because instead of giving your money to the more secure department like Bank, you will lend your money with the hope they will not trick you.
  2. High-Interest saving account(Low Risk).
    • Afraid of getting fooled? You can try to find an information about a bank that offers a high interest on their account and this kind of investation usually used by a beginner.
  3. Certificate Of Deposit.
    • This is the easiest and safest way to deposit your money without afraid of financial loss.

Well, those all are the best way to invest money. Don’t forget the world of investation is a rough world that hard to conquer if we don’t know about the tips to success in it.

First, before we start on the rough world like this, we need to make a promise to yourself to never stepping back at any cost!

  1. Set up your goal.
    • Before we start our investation we need to set up our goal first before we can afford it, right?
  2. Know the risk.
    • There is no single investation that you want to do have a guarantee in zero loss. That’s why we need to know the risk before we can really jump to it!
  3. Use your own money.
    • Because if you work or make something like a workshop with the other people, they will ask for their part even though they are not helping you.That’s why I will suggest you use your own money.

Well, before you can go start your own investation, there are a lot of things you need to learn about this world. Because this world is moreless like gambling. Once you fail you will suffer a great loss. Thanks for coming to my website today and if you think my article today is useful enough for you, please share my article today about how to become a good investor to your friends. Who knows maybe your friends also need this tips. I hope we will meet again in the next article. See you soon and have a nice day sir.


  1. I was confused on hhow too become a good investor but know because of your help I can be a goofd investor today. THANKS!


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