Dragonvale Basic Guide || Follow our Guide to Help You Play this Game Easily!


Dragon really an iconic figure in this world. We know how cool and ferocious this creature. But, in this game, we learn how to take care a Dragon from the birth until adulthood. For you who curious about this, download the game and play it to feel the amazing sensation. We also have Dragonvale basicĀ guide to help you understand the game more.

Create As Many Habitats As Possible

You can consider this as a Dragon Nest. Each Dragon has different elements. So, you need to create a habitat which similar to their respective elements. Of course, you can place it in any habitat but if you put them in their favorite place, they will like you easily. That is why you need to consider to create it. In the beginning of the game, you need to focus create this one as many as possible to take care all kind of Dragon.

About Foods

There are many kinds of foods in this game. The first one you will get is basic food. Almost all Dragons love this one. Later on, if they keep growing, they will ask for a different food. That is why you need to upgrade the food facility as soon as possible to obtain a different one.


When you see the tutorial for the first time, it will explain about spells. We are sure you do not understand it completely because of the confusing explanation. Here, we will explain all of you directly. It is like the name says, it can unleash a magic power to take care your Dragon farm. You can speed up the breeding process of the Dragon with a spell. This is really useful because you can create many dragons quickly.

dragonvale gameplay

Arcane Airship

This airship will give you nice rewards if you offer some of your material. We recommend you choose the highest rarity materials to obtain the best reward. Unfortunately, you can only use this service once per day. After you give the materials, it will go away and come back tomorrow. But, for people who cannot play this game regularly to hunt materials, this is a good choice to depend on this one.

Final Words

Actually, there are many things you need to understand in this game. But, the guide above it is enough to cover the common knowledge in Dragonvale. Before you go away, we have a great present. We can give you Dragonvale free gems. Not a long ago, we found a great website which can generate it. Last but not least, you can also see another great Dragon game called Dragon Mania Legends.


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