Warframe Resources Guide || See Our Guide to Find your Resource Instantly!


The annoying thing about this game is collecting resources. Whether it is for advanced player or not, they have difficulties to gather resources in this game. This is really important in order to upgrade your character, weapon and create a special item. Rest assured guys, just see Warframe resources guide to help you seek the one you need.

Resources Guide

We will not list all the resources because it is really long. We only give you the list of the important one in this game.

Neural Sensors

Jupiter is the best location in order to get this resource. Here you will find an enemy which called Alad V. He will drop neural sensor if you manage to kill him. The percentage he drops the item around 30-40%. It is higher rather than another enemy. This one is not really difficult, just crush his shield first and then you can fight him like normal.

Orokin Cells

The famous material but it is quite hard to get if you do not know the best place to obtain it. Just go to Saturn and you will meet General Sargas Ruk. We recommend you bring a weapon with high attack power. This one is quite difficult to beat because of the annoying flamethrower. Also, the HP of this monster is really huge.


Mars is your destination to get this material. This is the only way to get this material. Also, the drop rate is really annoying. You need to spend a lot of time in order to get this. Unfortunately, Seargent Nef Anyo is the one which only has this rare resource. Bring a sword to kill him quickly because it is the weak point.

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Argon Crystals

Before you can collect this item, you must invite another player to play together because the next place you visit is Tower 1 Void Defence. You will find many enemies at once that is why support from another player is required. Almost all the enemies drop the resource.


Earth is a good choice to farm this resource. All Normal enemies have this one. Once again the drop rate is really annoying even though you already which one drop this item. Just use item booster to increase the drop rate. Slowly but surely you will get it.


That is the important resources which people always search. If you want to find another one, you can ask our help to know the location. For the player who does not satisfy about this guide, you can open an amazing website which we found somewhere. If you open it, you will get Warframe free Platinum in return. This is a great way to replenish your main currency.


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