Why You Should Consider Vinyl Sheet Flooring this 2022?


Looking for affordable and resilient flooring this 2022? 

Vinyl Sheet Flooring of the mountain brand products of  Thai Plastwood can be your best choice for this that can be applied with no boundaries.

Here is everything that you should understand in considering Vinyl Sheet as your flooring option this 2022. 

What is a Vinyl Flooring Sheet? What Is It Made Of?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin is a safe and recyclable synthetic material that composes the Vinyl Floor Bangkok, making it eco-friendly as it passed the U.S. safety standards.

Historically, vinyl was popularized during the mid-20th century. Until now, it kept on evolving and growing in terms of refining the designs, patterns, and textures to somehow duplicate the old-school materials in floorings such as hardwood and stone. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring

These are the benefits of vinyl flooring and its disadvantages: Installation, Affordability, Durability, and Maintenance.

How long do vinyl floors last?

Advantage: Vinyl Sheet Floor durability is assured if taken care of properly. We need to consider factors to maintain the durability of the floor: quality of the material, way of manufacturing, and installation process. The mentioned factors will impact how long the vinyl floor will last.

Disadvantage: However, if strong cleaning agents are applied, it will destroy the aesthetic appeal of the floor. Also, when transferring heavy furniture or appliances and pointed things, do not drag them, or they will be badly destroyed.

The quality vinyl flooring can last up to 25 years, more durable than wood, stone, and tile. It can also withstand higher temperature and humidity rather than the other flooring. Also, it is waterproof, which can also hold out against water.

What is the cost of installing vinyl flooring?

Advantage: Because of the advancement in the Vinyl Flooring Industry, it made the product easy to install, which allows the owner to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) the installation. This will trim down the budget for the professional fee of the floor installation.

Disadvantage: However, if you are doubtful with your skill in installing, then make sure to prepare an amount from 3 dollars – 7 dollars per square foot which includes the vinyl floor price and installation fee.

How much does it cost?

Advantage: If you are cutting costs, you can assure that Vinyl Sheet is an economical option among other flooring options.

Is it easy to clean and maintain?

Disadvantage: One of the best assets of the vinyl sheet is that it is easy to clean and maintain. Using a mop or vacuum can be your way of cleaning every day. You do not need to worry if spills will happen since it is waterproof and if stains will not be avoided, you do not need to worry also since it is stain-resistant.

How to Install Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

It is said that Vinyl Sheet is easy to install, and even the owner can DIY the installation, but how? Well, the installation will also depend on what kind of vinyl sheet you purchased and which part of the house you will install the sheet.

Generally, you need to cut the vinyl sheet depending upon the measurement of the floor using a utility knife. After all the measuring and cutting, you can now glue the sheet on the floor. Also, one good quality of the Vinyl Sheet is that you can glue it directly to the subfloor –  plywood, hardwood, concrete, and even over the existing vinyl. Just make sure that it is already cleaned and has no cracks when you install it on the following floors.  

How to Clean, Maintain, and Repair Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

With the use of either mop or vacuum, Vinyl Flooring can be cleaned directly. If spills and stains happen, there is no need to rush and worry since it is waterproof and stain-resistant. However, if there is a need to move heavy objects or furniture, make sure to carry it with someone and not drag it because it will scratch the floor. You might also consider using rubber to cover the pointed part of the thing, which will cause dents to the floor.

Though vinyl is durable, it will come to the point that it will be destroyed if improper cleaning and maintenance are done. To ensure the longevity of the vinyl, make sure to avoid harsh cleaning agents or any products which contain acetone because this might cause discoloration or, worse, it will damage the floor. Just follow the recommendations of the manufacturer on how to clean and maintain the floor.

For the repair, that will depend on what kind of damage is taken. Usually, other owners patch over the vinyl sheet to the damaged floor, which sometimes makes it less appealing, but to avoid disappointment, better take good care of the floor.

Which Part of the House to Best Use Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

Since Vinyl Sheet Flooring is Durable and Easy to maintain, here are the areas in the house where you can best use the product: Kitchen, Playroom, Utility Room, and Basement.

Where to use: Kitchen

The kitchen is the most active part of your house, where it is best to put a vinyl sheet where all untidy spilling and drops of ingredients happen while cooking. So, you do not need to worry about water splashes and stains since vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. Just a mop, and all of the mess will be cleaned up.

Where to use: Playroom

Vinyl can be your best choice in your children’s playroom. Not just does it decorates the room, but you do not need to worry about the crayon scribbles and the paint spills since it will just wipe away.

Where to use: Utility Room

Vinyl Floor can withstand all the dirt in your house, especially in your Utility Room. The muck and even the water spills during the laundry. Remember, vinyl is waterproof and stain-resistant.

Where to use: Basement

If you have your basement in your home, Vinyl Sheet is still the best option for your flooring since vinyl can withstand even in damp.


So Why Vinyl Sheet Flooring this 2022? Simply because during this time, we are on a tight budget, and we need flooring that is durable, practical, easy to clean, economical, and safe for the environment. It is also the choice of many homeowners because it has a softer and warmer feeling in the underfoot compared to other floorings. Where can we find this product? At Thai Plastwood, the Mountain Brand, they offer vinyl sheet flooring that you can install without boundaries.


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