Log Cabin Home Exterior Ideas


ErlanggaBlog.com – One popular design for log cabins is the Swiss A-frame. These homes are two stories, but the roof is steeply sloped, leaving little room in between. These homes are often constructed on a secluded lake, and the roof features peaks. The log cabin design is an attractive choice if you’re looking to add a rustic aesthetic to your home. If you’d like to have a modern look to your log cabin, you can opt for an all-wood top floor.

Combine shiplaps can create an attractive appearance

This style is also available in vinyl. However, vinyl log siding can be pricey. Choosing the right siding is essential, as logs are expensive. Therefore, consider the following tips to ensure your house’s exterior is the most attractive. This way, you’ll be able to get the most out of your home’s investment. Incorporating shiplap can create an interesting and eye-catching look. The best choice for exterior siding is the traditional Red Cedar.

Adding a porch extension is a great way to increase curb appeal and functionality. A well-designed porch will add value to your cabin. You can extend an entry with steps to a larger porch or extend the entry to a full deck that covers one or more sides of the home. The design will be complementary to the style of the home and the surrounding landscape. You can even use faux stone to replace natural rock. A porch extension will add a rustic feel to your home.

Choose the style that suits your personality and budget

When choosing a log cabin exterior, it’s important to visualize the look you want your home to have. Taking inspiration from other cabins will help you determine the style you want. There are different types of log homes, including handcrafted, milled log homes, and half-log siding. Choose a style that suits your personality and your budget. It’s easy to add rustic design elements to your log cabin home, including faux log siding.

Another great way to add rustic charm to your cabin is to install a rustic wooden front door. This type of door is typically decorated with carved animal motifs. You can also install kerosene lamps to add ambiance and warmth to your home. For an even more natural appeal, consider adding lodge-style lighting fixtures. You can even purchase lantern posts that match. Mission-style light fixtures often include wildlife motifs, which complement the log-cabin design.

Use a fake chandelier to enhance the interior look

A classic log cabin design should also incorporate a rustic dining room. For instance, a rustic dining table in rough-hewn wood is an excellent way to add character. Another great way to enhance the look of the interior is to use a faux antler chandelier. The rustic decor and ambiance carry over to the interior. This cabin’s rustic charm carries through to the interior as well. It has six bedrooms and seven and a half baths, and it’s all about the details, so consider these ideas.

Another option for a rustic log home is to add an antler chandelier. This rustic style of furniture adds a natural warmth to the home. The large, open interior space accommodates the entire family and offers high vaulted ceilings. The open concept floor plan includes a staircase that leads to the upper level. Wood finishes, simple furnishings, and a unique design make this a rustic-chic choice. You might also consider putting a window seat next to the fireplace.

Apply wood protection products on a regular basis

Aside from maintaining the interior and exterior of your log cabin, you should also maintain the exterior. You can do simple maintenance like washing and re-applying wood-protection products on a regular basis. However, if you notice any areas that look unsafe, call a pro for further inspection. If the cabin is located in a remote area, you should also consider hiring a professional. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the exterior of your home.

You can choose different styles and shapes for your log cabin’s exterior. You can choose a wraparound deck, a massive expanse of windows, and an impressive overhang that protects the deck from the elements. You can also choose different colors for your log cabin’s exterior. These choices will enhance the overall look of your property, and they will be sure to attract attention. If you’re planning on building a log cabin, consider these ideas to make it more appealing.

When it comes to staining, make sure to consider the natural climate in your area. High humidity can cause logs to shrink, and if the wood moisture level is too high, it can lead to blistering and even rot. Therefore, if you want to use stain on your log cabin, you should choose a stain that is appropriate for your climate, size, and budget. Alternatively, you can use caulk to seal gaps and joints. You should select a stain that contains inorganic pigments for better color preservation.


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