The History Of High Fashion Brands

452 – Why do women still choose high fashion brands when there are so many affordable options out there? Honestly, for the most part, it is because high fashion brands tend to be made with better material. Of course, that does not mean that the cheaper brands are not high quality. However, they just are not made as well as the expensive ones.

The best luxury designer brands always use the highest quality materials

Probably one of the main reasons why high fashion brands still are favored by women is simply because they are usually so much better value for money. Very simply, the best luxury designer brands always make use of high quality materials in their clothing products. They offer something more – quality. Sometimes, there is a bit more that is required in terms of marketing campaigns and promotions. Milan is not short of high fashion brands that are popular with women.

For example, Giorgio Armani is probably the most popular and well-known of all high fashion brands. He has beautiful clothing for both men and women and for corporate occasions. His clothing lines are known all over the world. Giorgio Armani’s designs include chic power suits and other formal wear for business associates and guests. For some time, Giorgio Armani was also associated with Prada.

Milan is host to many designer shows

A lot of high fashion brands are associated with fashion weeks and designer shows. These are fashion weeks when major high fashion brands present their newest collections to the general public. At these events, there are also a lot of designer exhibits. This means that there will be numerous opportunities to buy high fashion brands. Milan is host to numerous designer show. These include the famous Prada show and the MAC show.

The world has witnessed rapid development in terms of technology and innovation. The world is witnessing an unprecedented rise of youth in the modern world. This is why youth today is considered to be the largest purchaser of luxury goods in the world. Luxury brands have identified the increasing potentiality of this market and are coming up with new marketing strategies to grab attention of this part of society. In order to attract the attention of this target group, luxury fashion marketing companies have come up with the world 21st century network marketing system.

Luxury brand clothing distributed by dealers worldwide

One such strategy that luxury brands have adopted is the world 21st century network marketing. This is a marketing strategy which enables high fashion brands to create a huge empire in one market and make big money from it. In this system, luxury brand clothing are distributed by dealers all over the world. Each dealer will have his own unique line of clothing for his customers. After each purchase, each customer will be offered with an option – either purchase the complete set (including the clothes, accessories and gift items) or just buy what is needed. This is done after identification of each customer with regards to his purchasing power.

Another strategy adopted by high fashion brands to stay ahead with the competition is offering designer clothes to their customers at subsidized prices. Usually women feel like they cannot spend more on designer clothes and so they tend to shop at low prices. With this they feel like they have the right to demand for quality and feel like they are providing value for their money. This will help them to build a loyal customer base over the years.

Fashion brands have established their name firmly over the past few decades. With a little hard work and patience, they have managed to grow their empire into a global phenomenon. However, there is one thing that every successful brand should keep in mind: quality not quantity. Sometimes a small collection of designer clothes can look very impressive and may appear expensive. But its quality cannot be compared to that of millions of dollars worth of ready-to-wear. Always remember to buy only high fashion brands that provide quality clothes with original designs, great patterns and colours.


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