How to Create an Eclectic Family Room

402 – If you want to create a family room that’s both eclectic and functional, there are a few things you should consider before designing the space. These include the room’s lighting, window treatments, Gallery wall, and area rug.

The Perfect Addition to any Family Room

An eclectic gallery wall can be the perfect addition to a living room. While you don’t need to spend a fortune to create an impressive art display, it does take a bit of creativity. The following tips can help you get started. First, decide what your focal point will be. It could be a family photo, a piece of artwork, or a memento from a special place you’ve visited. Second, consider your color scheme. You’ll want to choose a gallery wall color that is consistent with the rest of your room. Third, you’ll need to find a way to get the art onto the wall. One option is to use paper templates. These can be nailed directly to the wall and are a good way to tear around nails.

A large eclectic area rug can bring a whole new level of elegance to any room. It can also add interest and texture to your home. You can find these rugs in a variety of colors, patterns, and piles. For an aesthetically-pleasing living room, try to select an area rug that complements your current furniture. Some designs work well with traditional interiors while others are more suitable for a more modern atmosphere.

For a casual living room, consider a whimsical rug in pastel colors. This style can make any room feel more comfortable and welcoming. A bright medallion rug is a great way to introduce color to a room. It can be used in medium-traffic areas and will transform the entire vibe of your room. The bright colors can be paired with blue or turquoise accents for a striking effect.

Big Design with Precise Light Control

Window treatments can be a big design statement. They’re also a good way to solve problems, such as light control and privacy. This is especially true for sunrooms facing street or neighbors. Curtains and shades can be made of a variety of materials. While simple plastic blinds are cheap and easy to install, designer-grade materials offer durability and longevity.

Using a color-coordinated palette can help you achieve an overall cohesive look. You can even repeat patterns from the walls to the window treatments. For example, use a similar color on the curtains to the throw pillows. Mixing up a print is another fun way to add interest to a window. Try breaking up a single pattern by using a different border or two. Adding a solid as a trim will also work well.

There are many eclectic lighting ideas you can use to create a fun and lively room. It’s a matter of getting the balance right. You can mix and match fixtures and lamps, as well as add plants and another living decor to the mix. An interesting piece of art can also be the star of your living room. In addition to colorful furnishings, you can add plants that add height and humidity to the room.

Great Way to Get an Eclectic Touch

Using a wall mural to highlight your living room’s best features is a great way to get a splash of eclectic flair. A modern light fixture can give an otherwise ordinary room a more eclectic feel. For the most part, you should avoid glamorizing your space with a chandelier. Adding more than one light source to the room can be more effective, and you can easily use these fixtures separately.

If you want to add a touch of eclectic flair family room, try reusing and repurposing some old furniture. This can be a fun and economical way to create a fresh, new look. You can repurpose old doors, drawers, and tables to create unique and eye-catching pieces. The internet is a great resource for finding creative ideas for reusing and repurposing your home.

One of the easiest ways to repurpose furniture is by painting it. An inherited dresser can be painted a fresh shade of paint and then fitted with new hardware. Use chalkboard paint for an updated look. Chalk markers can also be used to make permanent designs. Another way to repurpose furniture is by adding shelving to a wall. Old wood pallets can be turned into indoor or outdoor tables, pet beds, or shelves.


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