How to Create a Nature-Inspired Bedroom

259 – A nature-themed bedroom is the perfect escape from today’s hectic world. From soothing colors to textured elements and plant life, there are plenty of ways to bring nature into your sleep zone.

Consider Adding a Small Tree or Shrub to the Room

If you have a scenic view outside your bedroom window, make it the focal point of your design. Otherwise, consider adding a small tree or shrub in your room or using a scenic wallpaper. Although this bedroom has plenty of color, it still feels calm and neutral thanks to a subtle mix of hues. Powder gray walls allow the honeyed hues of the wood furniture to really shine while whites and creams keep the look sophisticated and polished. The addition of rich browns and cognac accents add a sense of depth, warmth, and maturity to the overall palette.

Pastels can feel like childish colors, but they can work well in adult bedrooms if used sparingly. The key is to use a creamy neutral as the base and then select just two or three complementary pastel shades for the accents. That way, the room can maintain a peaceful vibe without feeling cold and uninviting. Adding floral shades is another great way to introduce nature into your bedroom. This serene palette pulls from a flower’s most vibrant and soft tones. Deep orchid makes a dramatic appearance in both the patterned and solid pillow shams, while magenta bedding and mauve decor keep the colors in the room balanced.

Natural textures are a great way to bring earthy style into your bedroom. This might be as simple as a shag rug made from jute or as complex as a woven linen bedding set. Natural textures create a subtle contrast to the white or other neutral colors used in the bedroom and they can also add warmth. There are plenty of other natural materials you can incorporate into your bedroom design too. Try a macrame wall hanging for an organic modern look or a carved wood mirror to show off a beautiful wood grain.

Bringing Nature-Inspired Spaces to Life

Even if your bedroom doesn’t have a scenic view you can still get that outdoorsy feel with nature-themed decor. A simple solution is adding a few houseplants. They instantly brighten a room and research shows that they can improve air quality too. You could also introduce a few pieces of floral decor like dried wheat or orchids that aren’t too difficult to care for. A little bit of color can bring a nature-inspired room to life. A patterned rug with natural colors is one way to do it, or a wall hanging with bright florals can also add a pop of vibrant style.

More subtle pops of color are available too, like a muted green hue that amplifies the soothing natural ambiance. Whether painted on a wall, on furniture, or on bedding, this shade of green brings fresh energy to any bedroom. A primary bedroom benefits from a restful mix of earth tone shades, with botanical throw pillows and complementing floral prints offering a playful balance to rustic wood furniture and natural-looking woven rugs. A framed photo of a scenic view makes for a beautiful piece of artwork that elevates the serene look of this space.

The Ideal Way to Bring Natural Style to the Bedroom

Whether they’re planted on the floor or framed as artwork, houseplants are the ideal way to bring natural style into the bedroom. The leafy accents also make a wonderful replacement for floral-patterned bedding and add more texture to the space. Plants such as the dracaena, philodendron, and parlor palms are a great choice for a nature-inspired bedroom because they’re easy to care for. They do well in indirect light and enjoy average home humidity as long as the soil is evenly moist.

If you have a larger room, a Monstera plant or Swiss cheese plant can make a statement in the corner of your bedroom. The large leaves on these plants feature silvery striations and create an eye-catching effect. Another option is the red prayer plant or maranta, which is named for its leaves that fold up each night as if in prayer. This indoor houseplant thrives in bright indirect light and does well with weekly misting.


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