The Meaning Of Extravagant and How To Decrease It

the meaning of extravagant

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. In this lovely day, I want to discuss to you about the meaning of extravagant and how to decrease it. Lately, people become more and more consumptive in their lifestyle. I don’t know whether they are rich or just dumb. They can’t value money. So, today I will tell you how to more value your money.

Reason Why People Become Extravagant

In this millennial¬†era, people become more and more consumptive. It’s proved with so many expensive shopping places. People also get more spoiled with so many companies who launched branded goods. That’s why extravagant become a lifestyle this day. However, do you know the reason why people become extravagant? Can you tell me one reason about it? Well, if you can’t telling me the reason why people become so consumptive this day. I will give you a few reasons to you.

  1. They underestimating about the future.
    • People who love to shopping and becoming a consumptive person, sometimes underestimating about their future. They think they will always have money for their future and never calculating about their expenses. They only know to buy the thing they love.
  2. Keeping their image
    • They want to keep their image in front of their friends. Sometimes, some people are too shy or feel embarrassed when they need to admit they are broke to their closest friend or relative. So, they keep their consumptive lifestyle even if they know it will destroy him later.
  3. Overusing a credit card
    • Credit card created to make human life easier, because some people feel it’s quite troublesome if they need to bring cash money. So they created a credit card. However, a credit card can be a two sided knife. Aside to help you carry your money, your consumptive life can be triggered because of that thing.
  4. Can’t tell “NO” to their self
    • Some people¬†over spoiling their own self. They even can’t tell no to their lust. They will just keep following it using all the money they have. Until they realize it’s too late to step back.

After reading my explanation about the reason why people become so extravagant. You must be also want to know how to cure your bad habit right? Well, stay tuned guys.

How To Decrease Your Extravagant Habit

Curious? Well, hold it. I really like to teasing curious people. Okay, let’s talk about how to decrease your extravagant habit before it’s too late for you to stepping back.

  1. Learn to know the different between needs and desire.
    • There are still so many people who don;t know the difference between needs and desire. So, to avoid spending for something unimportant. You need to ask yourself before buying something. This thing I want to buy is my needs or just my desire? If that’s your needs go buy it. However, if nothing bad happen if you don’t buy it then don’t buy it!
  2. Bring money as much as you need it.
    • I mean in here is to learn to be stingy to your own self. If you keep spending money on something you want but you don’t need it. Then what’s the different between you and dumb person? You have seen so many artist or actor broke because of their extravagant lifestyle right?

I think my article today about the meaning of extravagant is enough for today. If you find this article helpful and interesting for you. Please share this with your friends or maybe your lover. Thanks for reading my article, I really hope we can meet again in my next article. See you guys.


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