How Can Styrofoam Become So Dangerous?

how can styrofoam become so dangerous

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to share something in my mind about how can styrofoam become so dangerous as my topic today. Do you know what is styrofoam? I think everyone must be knowing this thing. Styrofoam is the most common thing that we see in our usual life. However, some people say it dangerous. So, why this thing dangerous? We will find out the answer today.

How Can Styrofoam Become So Dangerous?

Everyone on this earth must be ever seen this thing. Styrofoam is the most common thing used to wrap something whether it’s food or a drink. However, do you know the definition of styrofoam? Do you ever wonder about it? Do you know the side effect of using styrofoam for your health?

The definition of styrofoam itself is a brand of expanded plastic made from polystyrene. This thing usually hard to get decomposed by the earth. So, overused this thing will be leading earth to its own destruction. There are still a few risk that people need to face if they are overused this thing. Here is a few of them.

  1. Containing Benzoate substance. This substance will lead to cancer if your body exposed to benzoate too often. Avoid using this thing too often.
  2.  Styrofoam can turn into microplastic substance. This substance can be eaten accidently by a fish and later we eat that fish. This can be really dangerous.
  3. Styrofoam is really hard to decompose. This can be another reason why your city flooding. Maybe some of your sewers bunged up by a rubbish like styrofoam.
  4. Styrofoam also another reason of greenhouse effect.

 How To Prevent The Negative Effects

After knowing the reason why styrofoam is really dangerous. You also need some tips on how to prevent the negative effects of styrofoam, right? Well, if you are that curious, keep following and reading my article. Here’s a few information from me on how to prevent the negative effects of that thing.

  1. Use another thing to wrap your food. Make sure that thing is safe for your food or drink.
  2. Stop overusing styrofoam. Try to avoid using styrofoam if you still can use another thing. Just make sure styrofoam is your last choice.
  3. Try to use this 3R simple tricks
    • Reduce: You need to reduce the usage of styrofoam in your daily life. You can use another thing to replace styrofoam usage,
    • Reuse: If this is still possible. You can reuse your styrofoam for other needs. Like using it as a safe place to keeping your stuff. You can use that as anything you want according to your imagination.
    • Recycle: Always throw this in a recycle garbage. Don’t let your styrofoam polluting our earth. Do you know It needs more than 100 years to decomposing this stuff?

I think my information about how can styrofoam become so dangerous is enough. If you find this article helpful for you or your friends. Please share this article. I hope we can meet in another chance. See you again guys.


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