Nurarihyon No Mago Anime Review

Nurarihyon No Mago anime review

Hello and good morning guys, Today I want to share about interesting anime that I ever watched before and our topic today is about Nurarihyon No Mago anime. I can guess there’s not many of you know about this anime right? Well, it’s really your lucky day because I want to write about Nurarihyon No Mago anime review.

Nurarihyon No Mago Anime Review

I still remember that anime like I have watched it yesterday. By the way, do you know about this anime? Do you ever watch this anime before? Well, if you never watch Nurarihyon before, maybe you need to read my brief explanation first before I talk about this anime further.

Nurarihyon No Mago born from manga series written and illustrated by Hiroshi Shiibashi. This manga published in Shueisha, Japan as a Oneshot in 2007. This anime is also known with so a few name like Nurarihyon No Mago, Nura: Rise Of Yokai Clan, and much more. This manga adapted to anime on 5 Jully, 2010 and produced by Studio Deen and licensed by Viz Media for North America under the name of Nura: The Rise Of Yokai Clan

If you ever watch this anime before you must be familiar with Yokai because they also become part of the anime. The main character itself is a Yokai. However, do you know what is Yokai? Well, here ‘s a brief explanation from me about Yokai. If you look further to the ancient time of Japanese culture. You can look the similarity between Chinese and Japanese culture, we can say they are almost similar. Yokai itself is a way of Japanese people to pronounce supernatural monsters, demons, and spirit in Japanese folklore.

The story of this anime and manga itself is based on the real Yokai called Nurihyon. In Japan itself, Nurihyon is an insolent ghost that likes to drink a tea in someone house and acting like it’s their own house. This ghost is harmless but sometimes can be annoying because they act like your house is their own house.

Nurarihyon No Mago Story

The Nurarihyon No Mago story itself take a place in Japan at focused to the Rikuo Nura as the 3rd leader of Nura Clan. Rikuo Nura is 3/4 human and 1/4 Yokai this condition make him only able to maintain his Yokai form at night and become a human when sun shining. The third generation from Nura Clan have a different perception about everything from the other head fraction even from his grandfather and this makes him even hated by the other head fraction. However, this makes his grandfather feels proud of him, his grandfather even says ” you looks really like your father”.

The Main Characters

To know this anime better, you also need to know about the character of this anime right? So, I will give you a little brief explanation about the character from the anime. Here’s Nurarihyon No Mago character list.

  1. Nurarihyon.
    • He is the first former of Nura Clan. As a Yokai he is absolutely evil and believes Yokai don’t need to help a human. However, even he didn’t help human he never hate them at all, he just likes to play a prank to human. All his perception change after he meets Yohime. Nurarihyon itself is a unique Yokai because he teams up with human exorcist Hidemoto Keikain.
  2. Yohime.
    • If you ask me who is she? She’s an amazing girl that can change the mind of a Yokai. Her beauty and kindness can make Nura change his bad habit to make a prank on a human. She also falling in love and run from her house because of she falling in love with Nura.
  3. Rihan Nura.
    • As the second leader of Nura Clan. He absolutely knowledge his own self. He’s a half Yokai and half human, thanks to his uniqueness he can perform a legendary technique that only able to use if you are a half Yokai and half human. He named his technique Matoi and soon this technique also copied and used as a blueprint to make another great technique to his own child.
  4. Rikuo Nura
    • He’s the third leader of Nura clan. He’s different because he have almost 3/4 human blood and this what makes him only able to maintain his Yokai form when the moon shines over his head. Rikuo Nura itself able to use his Yokai power when he’s still at a very young age. However, this thing doesn’t make Rikuo achieve his destiny as the leader of Nura Clan, he tries to avoid and finding another way to avoid it. Until that day, when he finally achieve the title as new “Fear”  and leading his family to shine once more time.

The Conclusion Of The Movie

I think these anime want to show us how the other being also wants to protect us, human. This anime also will teach you about the value of friendship and love. Nurarihyon anime also will teach you about the tolerance to each other. This movie will give you so many valuable lessons.

That’s all the short biography of the main character and lesson we get from this anime. I think you should watch this movie if you never watch it. This anime is really awesome. Well, thanks for reading my article about Nurarihyon No Mago anime review. If you find this article interesting enough to you, please share this article to the other. Thanks for reading and see you next time guys.

Light is radiant because there is darkness


Darkness is sublime because there is light.

-Rikuo Nura


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