Smite Amazing Game, Whole New Perspective To MOBA Genre

Smite amazing game

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share about Smite Amazing game. Do you ever play this game before? How it feels? Well, I will give you a little review about this game to you. Curious? Check it out.

Smite Amazing Game

Lately, everyone is in the race to build an MOBA game genre. There are a lot of MOBA game now like Dota 2, LOL, HON, Warcraft 3, and many other games. However, Hi-Rez as the developer of this game also wants to give an innovation in MOBA game genre with developing Smite in the middle of MOBA game genres. Well, this game achieves a great success with challenging the market, they give us a different sensation when we playing this game. Smite game itself is really similar to Dota 2, with the main target is another players base. However, Hi-Rez also wants to combine MOBA game with RPG genre and that’s what makes this game different from another game. That’s why I think Smite game genre is combined between MOBA and RPG.

It’s said Smite game borrowing a concept from seven different religions. This game giving us a whole new concept about what we call god in this game. Start from Zeus as the almighty god to Medusa the evil villain this game really giving us so many characters to play.

However, every great story must be having an unfortunate story in them. This game demanding us to spend some money in order to achieve some advantages in the game. The advantages this game offer, if we want to spend some money in it, is an exclusive skin to make your hero look cooler + bonus status in it and a few other advantages.

The End For Free User?

Well, I almost feel a little jealous with the other premium user because their character looks so awesomely cool. However, my jealousy makes me even try harder to find a trick to become a premium user without spending any money on it. Well, I spend almost 6 hours a day to find the answer to my question. Is it worth? If you ask me yes it is really worth. That’s why I promise to myself to never stop before I find a way to trick this game.

After spending almost 2 days try to figure out what should I do to trick this game, I find this website. Well, this website seems odd for me because they write, they offer a help freely. Well, I know it’s bad to have a bad thinking to the other people who offer us a help but in this cruel world? Are you sure they have no hidden intention in it? Well, to erase all my doubt I tried to use this website with my 2nd character. Yeah, you can say it’s my dummy character.

Can you guess what happens next? I get all the gems I needed to buy new skins for my signature hero. Jealous? Don’t worry I’m here not to show off, I’m here to share my happiness with you. Here’s the link to Smite hack, all you need to do is click that link and follow the instruction.

Well, I hope my article today about Smite amazing game can help you to fool this game. Go make your hero looks awesome freely! If you find this article helpful for you, please share this article with your friends. I hope we can meet again in another chance, see you guys.


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