Cute Panda, Astonishing Animal With Cute Baby Face

cute panda

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share about really amazing animal with thousand or maybe a million of fans, it’s a cute panda. We all know about this baby looking animal, right? However, do you know anything about this cute animal? Can you give me the description of this animal? Let’s talk about this further today then.

Cute Panda Melt Your Heart Away

Every girl always loves this animal. If you ask a girl to give you a description of panda. They will answer you without a blink. Yeah, I know this animal is really cute especially if they are still a kid. However, panda also has another nickname in their country like the giant panda, panda bear or big bear cat. There are so many nicknames for this cute animal. Panda itself only life in China exactly in Sichuan province, but also in neighboring Shaanxi and Gansu. Panda live in a few mountains in the central of China.

The popularity and cuteness of panda even also make him a symbol for World Wide Fun for Nature organization. However, the popularity from this animal still can’t save them from the danger of extinction. A survey from IUCN put this animal to “vulnerable” species. The habitat of panda has been destroyed by a human to build up human civilization. The food of panda has been dismissed only to fulfill human needs to bamboo. If a human is caring enough to this animal maybe our grandson still can look at this cute animal.

Animal panda, their popularity has been adapted to so many anime, games, even superhero. Panda even becomes the main character of big office movie like Kung Fu Panda that receives popularity because of their main character is a panda. Yeah, the panda has been a mascot of cuteness overcome the other animals in this world.

Panda Uniqueness

Panda lives in the peak of a few high mountain in several places in the middle of china. Their environment is destroyed by human, some of them are killed so the human can take their fur for human needs. Even though the WWE has alert the hunter that panda will extinct if they keep hunt them. There are not many of them cares about it.

This is what makes human even worst than an animal. If you are big fans of panda you can come and visit Qinling forest in China. The rumor says there is still a big colony of panda roaming in the bamboo forest of that mountain. However, the black and white pattern on panda fur still remains a mystery. There are not many people know about the reason why panda have unique and monotone colors like a black and white color.

I hope my article today about cute panda can be useful for you to help this animal from extinct from this earth. If you also want to help the panda, please share this article with your friends and the other people. Let them know that panda needs their help. Thanks for reading my article for today, see you soon on the next chance guys.


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