White Day Celebration All Around The World

white day celebration

As we know, Japan is the most beautiful country with a strong culture and high appreciation to love. Japan have so many festival and tradition to appreciate human feeling like love and one of the most interesting Japanese people habit is White Day Celebration. However, there are not many people understand and familiar to this tradition. Are you curious to this tradition? Do you want to know more about this? Well, let’s talk about it today.

White Day Celebration and The Story Behind It

The celebration of the white day in Japan is the most important event that awaited by girls in this country. Not only Japan, there are several other countries that also celebrating this event like in Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and many other countries. Like any other country they also celebrating this event with chocolate and the other boyish thing.

So, what is a white day for you? The definition of the white day itself is a day where a man presenting a chocolate gift and most of the chocolate that presented in that day is handmade chocolate. Why handmade chocolate? Because in Japan, they believe if you make your own food and give it to the other people, the feeling inside you can be perceived by the other. That’s why 1 weeks before this event happens, all man in Japan would be competing with each other to practice making a handmade chocolate.

The origin of the white day starts from very long time ago. The history stated Japan as the first country that celebrated a white day in 1978. This tradition becomes really close to the people in Japan. Even this tradition also exposed in some movie and anime even in the manga. Yeah, the tradition in there really thing about the gender equality. So, there’s no gender superiority in that country.

Option For White Day Gift

Even though in the western country, men always give a gift as the prove of his love to the girl and we know it as Valentine Day. However, several countries in the world also think about the man feeling and try to make a payback day about the gift that man give to the girl and that’s when White day born.

However, do you have any idea what kind of chocolate you will give to her as your answer? White Chocolate or dark chocolate? Cake? Choco bars? Or anything else made from chocolate? Yeah, I think any kind of that thing isn’t the main problem as long as you put a lot of effort in your white day gift.

Well, I think my article today about white day celebration is enough for today. If you find this article helpful and useful for the other people, please share this with them. Let’s make the gender equality in this world together, let’s make a man feels more appreciated. Well, I hope you will come back and read my article tomorrow, see you guys and thank for coming for today.

What’s meant to be will always find away

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