How To Decrease My Weight? Tips and Tricks

how to decrease my weight

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about a very interesting topic. What is that? Stay tuned and don’t go anywhere. The topic this morning is about fat people. Yeah, it’s a very common question asked by a fat person. It’s about how to decrease my weight? Do you also a fat person? Are you also curious and ask the same question every day? Well, then you must check my information today.

How To Decrease My Weight? Easy Tips and Tricks

Well, there are so may people who get frustrated to lose their weight. They have tried so many tips they found outside there, they have done everything their doctor told them to do but the result is their weight still remains the same. Well, isn’t that is kinda rude to use someone else hope as their gold mine? That’s why today I want to give you little tips from my own experience to decrease your own weight and to avoid the danger that hiding behind the obesity effects.

  1. The first thing you need to remember is to avoid eat anything after 6 P.M. Because after 6 P.M your activity will decrease, right? That’s why you don’t need more foods with calories. However, if you do not get used to this you can replace the foods with something sweet like candy, tea, and the other sweet thing. Still, all you need to remember is you are in the diet so make sure you don’t eat too many sweet things or your diet will be useless.
  2. Do some exercise every time you have free time. Even if you are a busy person, I know you have the capability to free up some time right? Well, if you are really willing to lose your weight I can make sure you will effort it. All you need is move your body and do some easy exercise like a warm up. This will help you to lose your weight.
  3. Avoid eating too many meats and try to replace it with more veggies. Eating meat will also increase the carbohydrate in your body. As the consequence, if that carbohydrate is not used by you. Your body will turn it to fat. This what makes your body and belly looks like something disgusting.

Cause Of Obesity

The cause of obesity is so much and of them is an unhealthy lifestyle. However, as an adult we need to be wise to avoid this if we love our self and want to live without any disease in our body that caused by obesity Well if I become you, I will effort everything needed to stay healthy because I know there are so many people who love me and will cry if they are losing me. Yeah, the cause of obesity isn’t just your appearance. The cause of obesity is also your life because you will risk your own life with so many diseases that await you. Well, what is your decision then? Will you change now? Or wait until it’s too late to step back.

I think my information today about how to decrease my weight is enough for today. If you think my topic today is interesting, you can share it with the other people. Thanks for reading my article and see you soon guys. Have a nice day.

I eat because I’m depressed


I’m depresed because I’m eat


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