How To Stay Healthy? Advice and Tips

how to stay healthy

There are so many people who say that health is more important than any gold or diamonds in this world. Yeah, I think maybe it’s true because once you are sick, you will spend so much money and so many time to do some medication. That’s why today on this beautiful morning I will share with you a topic about how to stay healthy and I hope my tips this day will help you to prevent you from breaking down. Check it out!

How To Stay Healthy? Is It Hard?

Well, for so many people prevent them to not eat junk food or to stay away from their gadget is so hard, right? Yeah, I think it’s quite impossible, however, this is the small step to keep healthy. Why? Because with letting your eyes rest from your gadget that will also let your brain to rest and if your brain becomes relax your body also will follow up. Isn’t that’s easy?

However, its sounds too easy. Yeah, I think it’s only one factor that will help you to maintain your health. There are still several health tips that I will share with you so you will become wiser to decide something for your body health. Curious? Stay tuned and read my explanation below.

  1.  Avoid drinking alcohol.
    • Well, alcohol is great if you drink it according to allowed dosage. However, there are so many people who misuse this drink. They don’t know this drink is like a two-edged sword that can help you and harm you in the same times if you can’t handle it quite well.
  2. Move your body.
    • Some researchers say that moving your body will smooth your blood flow. This will also help your body to detox the harmful substance in your blood and throw them away through sweat.
  3. Eat healthy food and avoid junk food.
    • Because there are so many people who prefer food with good taste rather than food with great benefit for their health. The case of obesity is growing larger and worst every single day. That’s why we as people who know that junk food is dangerous also need to limit the consumption of junk food and try to replace it with veggies and fruits.
  4. Hear music or reading book.
    • The advancement in technology makes people busy every second to check their gadget. It’s almost no time to rest for their eyes. That’s why sometimes we need to hear music to release stress and let our mind rest for a while or you also can read some books to let your eyes rest from your gadget.

Well, that’s my tips to stay healthy. Yeah, staying healthy isn’t easy, right? However, isn’t it better to prevent rather than feel sorry for something that already happens? So, what will you do? Staying healthy and do all my tips or you will think all of this is a lie? It’s your own choice in your own hands. Thanks for reading my article about how to stay healthy. See you soon guy!

“Creat healthy habits, not restrictions.”

-Healthy Guy


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