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home room furniture

There are so many people confuse to arrange their home room furniture. So, do you know why people so confuse to arrange their furniture? That’s because they want a perfection without any preparation. Well, I have felt that too, especially when I want my room feels so homey and comfortable for me. Even though finding the right furniture design in the website is so hard. It’s not enough to make me giving up.

Home Room Furniture For Urban Apartment Design Idea

room color design

So, do you ever confuse about what kind of living room do you want to make for your apartment? Well, all I can say is if you have a very small apartment you need to do a lot of effort to make it comfortable and look gorgeous, right? I know it’s really hard to find a perfect person that can be your room designer, well there’s always something that not suits you or not like what you want and that’s sound almost impossible to find someone that can help you to decor your room.

Well, let’s throw away and try to look harder to the internet. Honestly, I spend almost more than 4 hours sitting like an idiot in front of my desk looking for the best room design for my apartment and can you guess? It’s nothing! Absolutely nothing. So, that’s why I start giving up and start to make myself get used to my old apartment room design.

Roohome Review

roohome review

One day when I was sitting on the balcony trying to relax while watching a youtube, friend of mine emailing me. He sends me a message about a home and room design with Roohome website in it. Because that’s my free time, I don’t mind to open up this website, well it will cost nothing for me by the way. This website is so structured with magnificent theme and picture, that’s what I think when I open up this website. However, I’m not kind of people that easily believe on some and get interesting to something easily so that’s why I’m still not believing this website.

Well, after looking from one article to another article, I’m starting to amaze with this website and start to using a few design from this website to be applied on my apartment. So, I start to open up their roohome website and choose an article about urban living room design well it’s because I think I need a living room too in my apartment, right? However, even though I’m following every step and try to make my room as similar as their picture, finding a great room color design to follow up with this design is quite hard.

Thanks for coming to my website and read my review about home room furniture for today. If you think my article is useful for you, please share my article with the other people. Because maybe you can help the other people with sharing this article with them. I hope you have a nice day and see you soon on my next article guys.


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