How To Choose Game For Kids? Be A Smarter Parent!

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Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you a topic about how to become a smarter parent. Well, there are a lot of young parents that mentally not prepared to become a┬áparent. However, sometimes the situation forces them to act older than their age. Well becoming a parent mean you have a responsibility for someone life. You can’t just close your eyes or let one side decide everything about them. However, All of those sacrifices will be paid off if you success to guide them to the door of success. Well, before thinking that far, why we do not try from the start😁? Why we do not try to learn how to choose a game for kids first?

Technology and Kids

Kids game

Well, we can’t separate child life with games, right? That’s why a proper and skilled parent is needed in parental control to prevent all the negative information that leaked from your outside world to your kid. That’s why knowledge to find a proper game for your kids also needed!

However, because of the advancement in technology is growing faster and faster, sometimes we will always need to take a look at someone paper and take a look for new information about the advancement of technology. It’s because technology growing faster and faster than we can learn.

How To Choose Game For Kids?

Parental control

Do you know kids that born around the year 2000 and more is categorized as a generation Z? So, do you know what is generation Z means? Z means in here is the sign you are ready to adapt to every new technology. Why do I say like that? Well, because when they are interacting with something new especially technology they will learn faster and become cleverer than their parents, right?

That’s why choosing kids game is harder than you think! But, what do you think if I say there is a game without gore, sexual, and harsh concept in this world. I know its hard to believe but that exists! Here is the list of game that suitable for your kid’s growth.

  1. Candy Crush Saga
  2. Temple Run
  3. Subway Surfer
  4. Animal Matching
  5. Number and Addition Math Game ( I recommend this one)
  6. My Boo
  7. Color and Draw
  8. ABC playground free
  9. Animal Puzzle For Kids
  10. Toodler Counting 123 For Kids

Well, that’s the list of suitable game for kids. I bet not much from you that know that this kind of game exist, right? But, forgive me because I can’t provide you with the link to download this game too. I think my article today about games for kids is enough for today. If you think my article is useful for you, please share my article with another new parents out there. Thanks for coming to my website and spare a few minutes ti read my article today. I hope we will meet again on my next article. See you soon and have a nice day dude!


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