Choosing a Victorian Bathroom Sink

628 – When most people think of a Victorian bathroom they tend to picture bathrooms with beautiful carved wood panels, deep carpeting, and Victorian oil lamps. While this is certainly true of many Victorian bathrooms, don’t let the simplicity of these things fool you. In fact, there was a time when every home in America had a Victorian bathroom, and many still do. And although the style has fallen out of favor somewhat there are some very classic and elegant Victorian style bathroom fixtures that are available today. So whether you are trying to design a new bathroom for your home or simply renovating an existing one, here are a few ideas for bringing some of the beauty of the Victorian era to your bathroom.

One Of The Most Familiar Features Of The Victorian Bathroom

To start off with, let’s look at one of the most familiar features of any Victorian bathroom: the bathtub. The Victorian era was known for its love of bathtubs, and many of the old country homes that were built around this time had a beautiful claw foot tub or two. Many of the tubs in this era were made of cast iron or bronze, and would often have ornate designs. Today, you can find these tubs in almost any modern style, running water, and most are still quite lovely.

Another item that is synonymous with the Victorian bathroom is the toilet. This was a larger sized piece than the tub and bath that you might find today, and it was designed in a unique circular shape to make it easier to clean. Often times porcelain was used in the construction of these toilets, which is why they are still popular to this day. This form of toilet also doubled as a sink, so it was quite useful in the day. You can even find models on the market today that are equipped with self-cleaning glass surfaces.

Luxury Victorian Bathroom Trends

There was also a definite trend in the Victorian bathroom for luxurious whirlpool baths. Many people associate these with the opulent lifestyles of the Victorian era, but in actuality, these were quite expensive. While the whirlpool bath was once considered something reserved for the very wealthy, it was possible for a person to get one constructed and use in their bathroom. These whirlpool baths were generally constructed out of copper, and there was quite a bit of brass used as well. Today, many people still opt for a whirlpool bath, and many of them have matching showers to go along with it.

When it comes to flooring, there were many options available to a Victorian bathroom, and you could find a variety of different materials. You could get hardwood floors, or you could find that you could have tiled floors installed. Often times you could have the vanity sink directly on the tiled floor, and this is something that is often associated with this time period. If you have a lot of family members, or pets, you may want to consider getting some type of ceramic tile flooring for your bathroom.

Big Part Of The Victorian Bathroom

Tapware was a big part of the Victorian bathroom, and you would see a lot of this type of malware in the bathrooms of many of the homes that were constructed at this time period. Often times, the material would be porcelain, but there was also a big variety of other types of material that was being used to make these items. This was done in order to provide the bathroom user with a wide range of tap options. Some people may have felt that since the material was porcelain, it should match the rest of their home, and so they would choose a color that was similar to the malware that was being selected. However, the truth was that porcelain was a fairly soft material that could be chipped, and so if you did not want to have your porcelain items damaged, you would rather have chosen a different material to use.

As you can see, the design of the Victorian bathroom had a lot to do with the use of colors, and the pigments that were used to create those hues. In fact, one of the most popular pigments of the era was known as “black.” Black was often used to darken the bathrooms so that they did not look as depressing. As the years went on, the popularity of black paint for the Victorian bathroom began to fade, because so many other homeowners were using white paint for their bathrooms as well. However, the use of black pigments and the associated stains remained, and so now you find that these pigments are still very popular for use in the Victorian bathroom of many homeowners today.

One item that is often found in the Victorian bathroom is a pedestal sink. A pedestal sink is a large sink that sit on a pedestal, and it is very easy to find these in any bathroom today, even though they do not really work very well in the original model. The problem with a pedestal sink is that they take up quite a bit of room. While you could always install a smaller vanity cabinet and put it in front of the pedestal sink, this poses a lot of problems with installation, as well as actually taking up quite a bit of space. Therefore, a better option may be to replace the pedestal sink with a smaller vanity cabinet, and then install wall mounted sinks so that the area can be used more efficiently.


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