Bring Your Traditional Family Room To Life With Modern Furniture And Accessories

501 – The traditional family room has a few defining characteristics that help define it as a unique space. Because it tends to be more informal and less formal than a formal entertainment room, the traditional family room also tends to be smaller in size. It’s where the kids hang out, where families get together for movies or cook on weekends, where families hold annual holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s the spot where you visit with the extended family each year, or sometimes every season, and it’s the space where you welcome guests to your home.

Characteristics of a Traditional Living Room

Because of these common characteristics, the traditional family room can also be called the Lifestyle Living Room. It may well have a couch, a coffee table, a bookshelf and a wall tap for drinking beer and watching television, but it’s all about the people who are in the room. You’ll need an entertainment center with a vase for storing musical instruments, a TV or large DVD player, a few chairs for visitors or the children, a place for the kids to study or play, a place for the mother to read her magazine, a spot for gardening, a place for the father to put his feet up and meditate, and many other options. Because this is a family room, traditional family room decor will include touches that reflect the personality of those who use it. Here are some of the more popular decorating choices for a traditional family room.

The furniture used in a traditional family room will most likely be a combination of traditional and non-traditional furniture. A traditional room will generally include a traditional sofa, love seat, a dresser, a coffee table, and a chest of drawers for storage. Traditional seating tends to consist of a few chairs around a table, a few on each side of the table facing inward so the chairs are facing the window. Four bedrooms and living rooms, traditionally themed furniture will be more diverse.

Creating a Traditional Bedroom Feels Comfortable

Traditional bedrooms tend to feel cozy and make for a perfect family environment. Traditional rooms can also look very grand. A traditional bedroom can be themed to look like a French Country or Tudor period home. Look for traditional patterned bedding, wood accents, pillows, wallpaper, window treatments, and lamps. An area rug in a traditional style will give the room the appearance of being on a farm or estate.

When shopping for furniture in a traditional style, keep in mind that the traditional look will probably not be updated very often. Instead, look for timeless pieces that you can add to as your interest and budget evolve. Sometimes, it’s possible to find a great looking traditional piece at a great price. Solid hardwood furniture with an aged finish is one way to get furniture with that classic, traditional style. If you have a traditional wood burning stove in the traditional style, you might be able to find a good quality antique piece for a bargain.

Traditional Furniture Style

If your traditional style of furniture has been somewhat neglected by modern furniture makers, don’t worry. There are plenty of companies who are making contemporary designs that are in the traditional style. Look for leather furniture and soft fabrics. A traditional-looking room can still be made charming by using modern style accessories and color schemes. Contemporary furniture can still look elegant and sophisticated in a traditional room.

It’s also a good idea to match other accessories to your traditional room. You don’t want to mismatch a traditional looking wall clock with a contemporary looking couch or a pair of modern leather shoes. As long as the styles match well, there should be no problem matching contemporary pieces with traditional pieces. A traditional fireplace can look fantastic next to a modern glass coffee table or end table.

You should also think about the flooring in your traditional room. Most traditional rooms are built around a fireplace. Traditional flooring is made of hardwood or tile. This means you have a great selection of flooring colors and styles to choose from. It’s a good idea to bring in some traditional accessories like a rug to pull the whole look together.


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