Bedroom Decor – minimalist Style


Erlanggalog.comWhat is a minimalist bedroom? It may seem like an oxymoron at first, but it isn’t. A minimalist bedroom is actually very easy to achieve if you know what you’re looking for and how to organize your space. The reason that many people are turning to the minimalist movement is because it takes away all the clutter that surrounds them in every day life. With so many things to get rid of, a minimalist bedroom makes more sense than ever. Let’s take a look at some basic principles of minimalist bedroom design.

Perfect Minimalist Bedroom Decoration

d is a perfect amount of time to shop for the right piece of furnishing. When you consider it, the bedroom is probably the one room in the home that does not have quite as much storage space or a lot of accessories. Minimalist bedrooms typically are only occupied by a bed and a bookcase or dresser. Minimalists strive to keep everything in their sight; including the bed, so as to keep the focus on the important things in a room, like yourself.

When shopping for furniture and decor, most people will head to the store thinking that the furniture should match the colors in their bedroom. The mistake that most people make with a minimalist bedroom is thinking that they can get away with any colors they want. While colors will certainly play a role in your overall scheme, it is important to remember that the palette of your room will be entirely different than your family’s palette. Your palette will need to take into account your partner’s skin tones, your children’s colors, and your own personal preference.

Using Accessories as Necessary

Another thing to remember when designing a minimalist bedroom is to be choosy about your hardware. You definitely want to go with as few and simple accessories as possible. Instead of adding elaborate drawer pulls, you may choose to just get plain knobs. Or instead of knobs, you could utilize pulls made from metals or wooden blends that match the rest of the room’s aesthetic touches.

The aesthetic touches in minimalist bedrooms should not be limited to the hardware. Instead of going with a “hanging” mirror, consider going with a hand-carved shelf or two. A hand-carved shelf is definitely more interesting and adds an artistic quality to a room. As for flooring, most people will choose something that is neutral in color and/or has a more rustic feel.

Gives a Beautiful Touch of Color

One last element of the minimalist bedroom is the overall color scheme. Try to avoid bold colors such as red, orange, yellow, and blue. Instead, find subtle, earth tones that remind one of cedar, pine, or bamboo. In terms of furniture, the best items to look for include end tables that are made from wood (real wood or pressed wood), day beds with rounded corners, and storage for shoes and other items. For your bedside table, choose one with an interesting geometric design and a glass top.

The main thing to remember is that the minimalist bedroom should have as much storage as possible. Remember that you can “fit” a lot of stuff on one small surface. If you need more storage, add some shelves, hangers, or boxes on the bed frame. For this type of bedroom, I would also recommend installing a dual purpose vanity such as a chest of drawers, dresser, or nightstand. As for the flooring, I would suggest putting up a rustic wooden floor with a distressed finish.

As you can see, while it is possible to have a minimalist bedroom, it does require a certain amount of creativity and imagination. Fortunately, there are many different ways to go about decorating. Just remember that most of the time, darker colors are more relaxing, so it is a good idea to use warm colors like red and orange for bedding. As for paint colors, keep it simple and choose a monochromatic color scheme.


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