How To Use Natural Interior Design Elements In Rustic Home Styles

600 – Rustic home decor is simply a style of home decor in the United States; traditionally used in rural private and public structures, especially their landscape and interior design. It was greatly influenced by the American rural craftsman style. Nowadays rustic home decor is not specifically western but instead southwestern influenced. The most common types of rustic home decor are furnishings, bedding, rugs, walls and accessories.

The Best Way to Decorate a Rustic Home

A great way to decorate your rustic home is with rustic fireplaces. Fireplaces help give the room a warm rustic feel and also can add a nice touch of elegance and class. There are many rustic fire places available, starting with a basic rock fireplace, to stone fire places and all the way to an old-fashioned gas or coal fire pit. You can find great deals on rustic fireplaces online at various websites.

Furniture is also very important when designing a rustic home. When trying to achieve a rustic look, it is best to stay away from more modern decorating styles. Go with furniture that has a rough look to it and makes you feel like you are in the Southwest. Dark woods, rough worn fabrics, and natural materials are best suited for this type of decorating style. Try to find pieces that have little difference in color, such as dark brown leather sofa and light yellow couch. The rustic look is best achieved by using dark toned down colors that do not reflect light like bright pinks and reds.

Tips for Getting a Rustic Feel at Home

One way to get a rustic feel in your home is by utilizing your space the way nature intended. With an open floor plan, open rooms create the warmth that rustic men and women love. This style makes you feel like you can sit out on the porch and get cozy in the warm sunshine all day. When adding accessories to this design style, keep them to a minimum and focus more on solid wood furniture and fabric area rugs. You can even throw in some rustic lamps and accent pieces.

As with any type of decorating style, you want to make your rustic home a sanctuary you will want to return to time again. When choosing furniture for a rustic home, you want pieces that will bring out the natural beauty of the items. While they may be basic and made from wood, the wood should be one of dark stained or even lighter stained woods. The accessories you choose should be minimal and complement the natural color scheme.

Combines The Feel of Rustic Decor

A popular way to incorporate the feel of rustic decor is with earthy elements. Use earth tone wallpaper and paint for the walls. For the furniture, choose pieces with curved legs, wood that is either aged or that has stains, and wood that is either light or dark stained. You may want to choose a log-style dining table, an old-fashioned Ottoman, or even a rustic style armoire. Use knick knacks that have a rustic theme and match them with the rest of your rustic home decor.

Accessorizing a rustic home should also be done in the earthy tones of wood and earth colors. One way to do this is with large windows that are either painted white or have large panels that are paneled in wood. You can use these large windows to display your beautiful outdoor furniture, or you can use them as open plan kitchens that open up to large windows. Another way to accessorize is to use accessories that have a distressed look to them, such as worn metal knobs on drawers or drawer pulls. You can find distressed rustic furniture at hardware stores and flea markets.

Rustic home styles incorporate a lot of stone, specifically red and black stone. The benefit of choosing stone as the main accent for your rustic kitchen is that it has a nice warm look to it that is cozy and welcoming. You can bring in other elements to go along with the stone like brass trim, brick accents, and stone tiles. The great thing about stone is that it is available in so many different colors, styles, and sizes. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to how you can incorporate this accent into your rustic home design elements.


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