Decorating Ideas For a Small Shabby Chic Apartment

597 – The term ‘small shabby chic’ is a bit of a misnomer. This style of interior design is not really characterized by tiny houses made from wood and thatch. It actually comes from the French phrase ‘suis joli’ (sexy little girls). In the United States, this style originated in the late 70s.

Amazing Interior Design

The great thing about this type of interior design is you don’t have to live in France or Italy to appreciate it. Many people today look back on their childhoods with fond memories of this unique style. It can be said that the style is an example of classic design mixed with contemporary fashion.


The term ‘small shabby chic apartment’ refers to a number of different settings. Sometimes this is simply referred to as a ‘cubby’ flat. Other times the term may be used to describe a studio apartment or a one bedroom. This style is most often associated with a certain age group. People who are in their early to mid-thirties are most often identified with this style. This is because the popularity of this style is typically reserved for this age group.

How to Decorate a Little Shabby Chic Apartment

If you’re looking to decorate a small shabby chic apartment, you’ll quickly find that there are a lot of options. This is because the style is so versatile. You can mix and match accessories to achieve almost any effect. Some people choose to implement the look in full scale, buying lots of vintage lace and knickknacks in order to complete the look. Others simply purchase plain, drapes, curtains, and throw pillows in shabby chic designs and create a charming, cramped, cozy atmosphere.

When decorating a small shabby chic apartment, you’ll also want to pay special attention to texture. Choose soft, simple fabrics and cushions for the walls and furnishings. For the furniture, opt for distressed wood or soft fabric such as silk, velvet, or denim. Don’t put too much emphasis on the upholstery either. In fact, some people choose to keep the upholstery simple to enhance the feel of the room.

Use Floral Motifs for Knobs on Furniture

When hanging curtains or other pieces of artwork, you can use the pin back hooks or eyelets in order to hang more easily. Use ruffles to tie the curtains back, and try using floral prints for the knobs on the furniture. Remember to keep the walls and floors in the shabby chic style, with a lot of wooden details and distressed wood finishes. This is because this particular style works best as an apartment or house environment, and it’s easy to mess up when you’re decorating a larger space. Keep it light and airy, and you’ll be able to get away with a lot more bold color choices.

The small shabby chic apartment will require that you avoid bold, patterned patterns, and instead go with natural, earthy tones. Look for fabrics in light greens, soft blues, and pale ochre or browns. You can even use wicker baskets for baskets to line the walls, as well as rug pads. Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow any specific color scheme when decorating, so feel free to mix and match with other colors in your home.

Some smaller items that are essential to a small shabby chic apartment are a lampshade, a basket candle, and a curio cabinet. You can find these products at any good interior design or home goods store. You should also consider hanging pictures on the walls, but remember not to overdo it. Instead, choose one or two of your favorite photos and frame them in an artwork hanging. You can then use a rug to line the walls, as well as cushions on the chairs. To complete the look, you should have rustic lamps with worn, creaking handles.


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