Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

608 – When you think of contemporary living room design, the picture that usually comes to mind is a large room with straight, clean lines. Walls are painted a neutral color, flooring may be tile or marble, and the furniture sets are often contemporary in style. Contemporary living rooms can vary in style, but they all have a sleek contemporary feel. This look is very sleek and modern, and many people find it inviting and easy to be a part of. Here are some tips for decorating a contemporary living room.

Characteristics of a Contemporary Style Living Room

Most contemporary living rooms will feature simple, solid colored floors and furniture that are geometric in design. Straight lines and open furniture make a clean, crisp, yet quite contemporary environment. And the beautiful, high-lighting overhead light makes a strong statement on its own. You don’t have to choose just a plain floor or a black couch. You can use a geometric patterned rug, interesting knick knacks, and throw pillows that contrast with your contemporary living room walls to add interest. You might also choose to accent the geometric pattern with an antique rug or wall tapestry in a contrasting color.

In contemporary living room decor, your walls will be your primary color palette, as well as your doors, your windows, and your accents. You’ll want to make sure that your walls and floors are as neutral as possible, so that any of the colors that you choose for your furnishings and accessories blend together harmoniously. One way to do this is to pick a wall color palette that is monochromatic, meaning one color on one diagonal, and a color on another diagonal that is the same intensity. Another option is to choose two adjacent colors, one on the wall and one in the adjoining room, and make sure that these colors complement each other as well. Using complementary colors is a great way to keep your home looking cohesive and well-organized.

Neutral Wall Alignment and Living Room Furniture

Walls in your contemporary living room should reflect a neutral color palette. You don’t have to go all out on decor; just make sure that the walls have uniformity. A good place to start is by choosing throw pillows or blankets in coordinating colors. You can also opt for a sofa that has a repeating pattern on one end or the other, like a sofa with a zebra print on one end and a checkered pattern on the other. If you don’t have room for throw pillows or for a matching sofa, you can always use art and frames as part of your wall color scheme.

Your contemporary living room furniture pieces should also have warmth to them. One way that you can add warmth to your furniture without really having to spend a lot of money is by choosing a sectional sofa that features a fireplace insert. Fireplaces make your sectional sofa seats look cozy and warm, and they add warmth to your home. The fireplace insert also adds an extra focal point to the piece that gives it contemporary design elements, which helps carry the overall look of your room together.

Best Design Furniture Placement Tips

The placement of your couch is also important when you are designing a contemporary living room. If you have a TV in your living room, the placement of the television can determine the size of your sofa and the amount of space you have for the chairs in this room. Remember that if you have a large sectional sofa, you will need more than one chair for guests to sit at. You want each seat to be comfortable, but you don’t want them to be too close or too far apart from one another. You also don’t want to be so far away that your guests can’t get comfortable because they can’t get close to you. This is a good way to avoid having a bunch of chairs and not enough couches in your home.

The final touch in your contemporary living room is your flooring. This includes your choice in flooring material, such as leather or wood. You also need to consider your counter top, whether you want a sleek fireplace surround to set the mood, or you prefer a granite counter top. When you are shopping for the flooring, choose neutral colors such as black or white so you can mix and match pieces throughout your room without being obvious. You can use a gray sofa with a black or gray counter top or go with a sleek fireplace tray that has black highlights in the design.

When you have your flooring, your contemporary pieces, your contemporary sofa and your contemporary living room designs, you have the perfect combination for an inviting, contemporary living room. When you design your own home, be sure that you take into consideration the styles and colors of pieces you already own. You can incorporate these touches into your contemporary home, but make sure you take them all into consideration to achieve the look you want. Don’t worry, the styles of contemporary furniture are endless.


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