Turn Your Small Tropical Bedroom Into a Tropical Haven


Erlanggablog.com – Designing a small tropical bedroom can be very fulfilling and fun. It’s also good exercise! A small tropical bedroom is a great space saver because it makes a small apartment look bigger. Also, it gives you more privacy than a large open room. Here are some tips for designing a small tropical bedroom.

Use the Bed as a Theme and Match the Furniture

You have plenty of options for bedding and other furnishing items. For example, you can use the bedding as the theme and then match furniture to it. Use rugs that match the bedding so that everything comes together. This is a great way to use a color that you already have in your room.

To save on space, you should buy wall hangings and pictures to use as a guide in the design of your room. These things can be big or small depending on how much room you have. You don’t need to have an elaborate theme with lots of accent pieces, just make sure the furniture you choose complements the room. Also, make sure the bedding is easy to clean and not too colorful because this will take away from the look of the room.

Colorful Floral Motif on Tropical Style Pillowcase

To save on accessories, you can use pieces of fabric that you already own in your home. Try using a colorful floral print on a pillow cover. This way you use something you already have in your home, yet still have the same tropical style. Also, do not forget the tropic theme mood lights. This will add an exotic touch to the room.

Another way to add this look to your bedroom is by painting your walls in tropical colors. If you don’t have paint, you can always spray paint the walls in the color of your choice. There is nothing wrong with using stencils to get the look of the stripes on the walls. Just be sure to let the stencil dry before you use it so the paint will stick to it.

Complete Accessories Make the Atmosphere of a Tropical Bedroom More Beautiful

Accessories are key to complete the look of the room. A small bed is perfect for a small tropical space. You can find them in stripes or solids. There are different styles of bedding you can use as well. Try looking for bedding sets that match the color of the walls and use pillows that have a similar pattern. Light and colorful sheets are another great addition to any room, especially one that is small.

Pillows are always a nice addition. Try using tropical motifed pillows. If the room is decorated in solid colors, such as reds, yellows and blues, then try going with pillows that have these same colors. You can always add a few pillows in other tropical colors if you wish, such as pinks or oranges. The use of rugs and accent rugs are also a good idea because it will add a touch of elegance to your room, and not just because of its tropically themed design.


The final touch to a small tropical bedroom is to choose a few wall decorations in the same color palette as the bedding. You can use wall hangings or pictures that feature palm trees, lagoons or fish. You may even want to go all out and buy a few authentic bamboo pieces for the bedroom. Just make sure you use tropical-themed artwork on the wall as well, because this is what will really tie your room together. With a little work, you can create the look of a paradise.

Tips Decorating a Small Tropical Bedroom

The small tropical bedroom is a great way to get more space in your home. With a little thought and planning, you can turn it into something that can actually become a retreat. Why not turn it into an office? That would be truly exciting!

Decorating a small tropical bedroom can be challenging, but not impossible. With a little work, your room can be transformed from a total blah to a tropical oasis. Your kids will thank you!

Remember, decorating a small tropical bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult. A little research goes a long way. Think about the colors of your walls and your furnishings. If you’re decorating with paint, then you’re in luck, as acrylic paint is widely available. The next step is to add your own personal touch, and you’ll soon have a tropical haven for the whole family.


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