Make Your French Living Room Look Authentic and Fabulous


Erlangga.comFrench living room decorating is definitely not a trend that is here to stay. Many people are starting to catch on to the unique look that this type of decorating has to offer. They are giving their homes a warm and charming feeling that just cannot be reached from other types of decorating styles. Here is a look at how to decorate your home in a French style.

Decoration In French Living Room Style

You will want to create a very warm atmosphere when decorating in French living room style. The first thing you will want to do is add some light fixtures. These can be sconces hanging on the wall or track lighting that is recessed under the ceiling. French style lighting has traditionally shown you romantic scenes above, and now it’s time to take mo Reese pictures to an upscale look below. Choose ceiling fans to help circulate air and keep the room cool.

Choosing pieces of furniture with a sturdy construction is important when going with the French living room look. You should use pieces of furniture that have interesting backs and fronts. For instance, you could choose an armoire that has a beautiful French side door with three doors and one top step that leads to the top of the attic. Choose furniture with rounded, black legs and big wooden beams. While this may seem like an excess piece of furniture, it gives the room an inviting quality.

Flowers are an Important Part of French Living Room Design

Flowers are an important part of any decorating style. Since the country is the main influence for French living room design, it only makes sense that you would use flowers in abundance. One great option for adding flowers to your home is by displaying them in glass jars on the windowsill. You will want to choose plenty of big bold flowers. The most common flowers used in this type of decor are tulips, gerbera daisies, carnations, and lilies.

Another way to create an authentic French living room is by using the colors of nature. The curtains and the wall hangings can be created from lightweight materials like voile, gilette, and sheer. Try to use neutral colors and pastel tones for the walls. You can even use blues and pinks as accent colors on the curtains and the wall hangings.

Furniture Blend for the Best Decoration Theme

The accent pieces for your French living room are accent tables and accent chairs. One of the easiest ways to pick out the best pieces for your decorating theme is to make sure you match the tables and chairs to the colors of the rest of the house. Try to find similar shades and hues. This way your living room will not look too busy or mismatched. Some other great accent pieces you can get for this look are crystal accents and quilted accent pillows.

The best French living room furniture and accents you can get are those that are antique or reproductions. Antique reproductions can still look authentic because of their age and beauty. They are also the most affordable way to go; however, you need to be extremely careful with antique reproductions as they are very delicate and can easily be damaged.

If you want to add a unique touch to your French living room, you can opt for a table and chair sets. These sets usually consist of a top and bottom piece of furniture that are designed to match each other. You can also get accent chairs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you choose solid color tables and accent chairs or choose a set with an antique heart design, you are sure to get something that will make your French home feel more exquisite.


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