Nautical Bedroom Decorating – How to Choose the Best Decorative Elements for Nautical Homes

505 – There is a new trend in Nautical decorating. It’s called coastal living, and it involves the careful use of shade and shape to create a space that mimics the sea. Many Nautical Home decorators are turning their homes into “working spaces” on wheels, pulling them right out of the water and into a private paradise hidden just off the coast. The Nautical Home includes a driftwood lined closet, access to the private dock for boats, and enough storage space to keep a boat inside it. The driftwood toned wooden table with mirrored glass top holds a cache of beach combing finds, crammed with shells, sand, and starfish shaped just right.

Use of Nautical Interior Design Style Color

The secret to the success of this new style of home is the careful use of shade and shape to mimic the ocean. In our living room, we pull most of our shade out of the living room windows to bring the entire room to life by shading in the surrounding tropical blue water. The same thing happens in the bedroom. We use darker shades of shade to pull the room to life, creating a feeling of floating above the waves. This nautical interior design style works perfectly with sea shells as wall coverings or as seating.

In addition to the use of colour palettes, a true nautical home incorporates accents that help to create the perfect atmosphere. Since most coastal homes are on the shore, sea shells are a natural choice for colour palette. Choose a complimentary colour palette such as sand, sky blue, sandy brown, or slate blue. Accent the colours with seashells, seahorses, starfish, or pelagic invertebrates. Sea shells are available in different sizes and colours and it is easy to match your colour palette and your decorating style.

Once you have the colour palette and decorative elements in place, it is time to bring the nautical theme to life with accessories and accents. For example, one great idea is to buy decorative sea shells and use them as a backdrop against which to hang a wide-screen TV. As you watch your favourite drama, remember the cool sea breeze blowing across the salty sands of your nautical bedrooms. You can also add some rustic wooden furnishings such as a chest of drawers or a cedar Adirondack chair.

Complementing the Nautical Style Interior Design with Lighting

To complete the nautical style interior design, it is essential to use appropriate lighting in the right rooms. The sea breeze will produce a soft, calming light that will help you drift away into the sea. Consider using sea-shells in ceiling lights or hanging lanterns on your walls to add a touch of natural light to your interior design. Another suggestion for this type of interior design is to install ceiling fans that are shaped like conch shells. Your friends and family will love having a relaxing bath under the sea! You may also consider adding a nautical-themed hot tub or a fountain to your bathroom.

To complete your nautical home design, it is essential to add key elements from the sea to your interior design. A nautical starry night pattern on your wall is a great way to create a nautical atmosphere in your bedroom. In addition to the starry night pattern, you may also want to hang sea shells from the ceiling in your master bathroom. You should also try to find wallpaper borders that incorporate some nautical stars, sea shells or other nautical elements.

Nautical Theme Design Furniture

To complete your nautical home design, it is essential to use appropriate furnishings and accents. A large scale, three-dimensional decorative element like a sea shell will really tie your room together. Other decorative elements like roosters, anchors on your wall or a nautical map on your wall can really give you a sense of direction. Wall shelves can be added that feature shells from all over the world and a nautical map can be hung above the bed. Using soft colors like blue, white and gray can help your room take on a realistic look, even if you are going with a nautical theme.

Remember, when choosing wall decor, you should go with bold colors like blue or black. These are two of the most popular colors used in nautical homes, and you can find a wide range of decorative elements to incorporate into your nautical bedrooms. Make sure to use accents like shells and anchors that will really tie your room together and make you feel like you are at sea.


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