Modern Basement Game Room Designs

442 – You may be wondering what exactly constitutes a modern basement; after all, we typically think of basements as places to dump out the old junk and make room for a new, sleek living space. Well, from the plainest of forms, a modern basement actually incorporates design features used throughout the house, not just the underground basement and, thus, has left the dark, fetid, and sometimes disgusting dungeon-like atmosphere behind. But even if you’re referring to a newly-designed basement with a modern style aesthetic, the style incorporated is something more specific than just an excess of square footage. In essence, modern can mean any number of different things. So which characteristics define a modern basement?

Characteristics of a Modern Basement Look

The first characteristic to consider is the look of the structure itself. It must be made of a non-combustible material and, of course, be made of reinforced concrete, so it won’t cave in on itself (which is a major factor when considering the ceiling, walls, and floor). A modern basement also should have no structural irregularities that would allow foundation movement. In other words: walls should be flat and even. Otherwise, “walls” become a hazard instead of a structural enhancement.

Next up is textured surfaces. In modern basement remodeling, these textures can serve many purposes, including creating a more natural look. As mentioned earlier, most basements are designed to run beneath the house, so the appearance of the walls below the house should mimic those found elsewhere, with materials such as wood and brick incorporated into the surface texture. There are two basic types of textured surfaces you might choose from: wood and brick. Here are some examples of their pros and cons.

Selection of Classical Wood Materials

Wood is an excellent choice for a wide variety of reasons. Wood is highly resistant to decay, meaning that it’s a good thing if your home is at risk of eventual neglect. Also, the classic elegance of wood is easily achieved, so this is one of the few qualities that can’t be faked by modern basement design aesthetics. Wood is also fairly inexpensive and easy to work with, making it very practical for homeowners who are on a budget. However, the best quality varieties tend to be porous, meaning that water can seep in through gaps between boards and cause long-term damage.

This is one of the modern ideas that will take some getting used to, depending on the size of your room. Because of its resistance to decay, brick is a great option if you want the classic look of a wooden framing. While it is still not the most attractive choice for a basement, it can give your room character. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive types of material to work with, so this may not be the best choice if your budget is constricted.

Installing Luxurious Ceramic Tiles

There are many different types of basement flooring available, from luxurious ceramic tiles to beautiful hand-carved hardwoods. Some homeowners prefer exotic woods, while others may want something simple and functional. Many people opt for something that complements their chosen style or adds a personal touch. For example, a modern basement bar may utilize stone for its floors, while a homeowner with a traditional basement may opt for tile. Even if you choose not to use flooring, you should at least consider the look and feel of your room and base the rest of the design around it.

You have options when it comes to wall color and ceiling height, as well as any other decorative touches. Lighter colors and simpler designs create an air of light and space, whereas darker colors can lend a feeling of depth. Some modern basement game room designs take advantage of the ceiling height by including a drop ceiling. This is a drop ceiling that is installed at the bottom of a wall. Instead of being attached to the ceiling, it is free standing. As a result, it can be higher or lower than the rest of the building, creating a sense of height as well as space.

Although there are several different shades of gray available, you may want to choose one that matches the colors of your walls and ceiling. In addition to wall and ceiling textures, you will also have choices for flooring and accents. Different textures can be used to create different effects. For instance, solid gray marble is used to create a sophisticated atmosphere, but it does not have the same effect on wooden flooring. In contrast, textured black concrete provides a dramatic contrast and plays up the gray tones in the room.


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