White Apartment Interior Design – How To Make An Apartment Look Spacious And Welcome


Erlanggablog.com – White Apartment is a very unique not so big apartment, which suits well to design a small mezzanine floor as a sleeping area for all the tenants. The main entrance is set at the center of the large apartment, while the small bathroom and kitchen are located either below or next to the main entrance. The remaining space can be used for additional storage. It also comes with an in-law suite which has its own bath and dressing areas. It has two bathrooms with a tub and shower combo and an attached soaking tub which can be heated if required.

Creates an ultra modern look and feel

The ultra modern look and feel of the white apartment come from its ultra-minimalist furniture with a very feminine touch. The apartment has black stripes painted across the walls and peeling wallpaper on the windows. The floors are covered with white grout with small silver flowers arranged in the shape of teddy bears. The kitchen has a white marble bathroom, which has a dishwasher below and the complete appliances installed.

The ultra modern look and feel of this white apartment are further highlighted by the large skirting board that surrounds the entire complex in a very fluid form. It consists of four slabs that run across the bottom of the building. Each slab has a different color, symbol and leaf that add a sense of unity to the entire design. The four skirting slabs have very subtle wood floors. They are therefore ideal for use in areas of high traffic where wood floors are not always practical.

White Apartment Glass Door Design

The white apartment has a large sliding glass door with a silver coat of paint on its base. It is decorated with several figurines of cherubs, grapes and flowers. Underneath this door is the kitchen/living room, which features a black stove, a built in microwave, an island with a sink, a dishwasher and two pull out chairs that extend the functionality of this space.

The overall interior design of the apartment is created in such a way that it conveys the notion of harmony and serenity. This concept is symbolized through the use of the natural look of white. The walls are painted with a light shade of ivory that is the color of milk. There are no textures or designs on the walls, which allows for total unity among the interior design concepts of the white bedroom interior design for a white apartment. The use of white furniture is minimal. A black dining table is accompanied by a coffee table, and a large black couch is the perfect addition to the bedroom.

A mezzanine is made up of a series of beams that are attached to the upper floors of the white apartment. These beams allow for additional storage space under the mezzanines. There are three levels of floors to each mezzanine and the lower level is accessible from the mezzanines. Because the roofs of the mezzanines are open, heat can be efficiently distributed throughout the entire area.

The Beauty of White Apartment Interior Design

Due to the presence of an ample amount of storage space, the white apartment interior design is able to create a feeling of completeness. The use of a minimalist mezzanine design provides the opportunity to create privacy. In a traditional apartment, one has to open the doors and windows to gain access to the storage spaces, which can be tedious and time-consuming. Also, because there are many people living in the building, it can become noisy due to the activities of roommates. The use of a minimalist mezzanine will prevent these problems from occurring. Due to the absence of windows, the only thing that is visible from the streets is the landscape outside of the apartment.

Using white furniture also helps create a feeling of spaciousness in an apartment. Since the walls of a white apartment are bare, the space looks larger than it actually is. This gives the impression of a larger apartment and may cause the illusion that the apartment accommodates more people than it actually does due to the lack of natural light. With white furniture, the room will appear more spacious and may cause guests to feel more welcome than if the apartment had heavy wooden furniture. If you have and want to send articles to nexthomegeneration, you can visit this page!.


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