Using Traditional Living Room Design Ideas

545 – Grey is definitely one of the trendiest colors for your traditional living room, yet it lends itself so beautifully to traditional living rooms that you will never be tired of using it. There are limitless design ideas when it comes to creating a traditional living room design that works well with your home decor theme. This is because grey lends itself perfectly to both contemporary and traditional living room design themes. The key to this effect is finding the right combination of shades and hues that not only work well with the color scheme but also with your home decor theme as well.

Tips and Tricks How to Choose the Right Traditional Furniture

You will need to choose carefully when it comes to picking out your traditional living room furniture. Your furniture should play a big role in helping to bring together the theme and color scheme that you have for your home. Therefore, you need to pick pieces that blend in well with the rest of your home decor theme, which will in turn help to create a harmonious atmosphere in your home. Here are some tips and tricks on how to choose the right pieces of traditional furniture for your home.

Picking out your classic furniture pieces doesn’t have to be that hard at all. With a bit of patience, you will find that it is quite easy to pick out the perfect pieces for your traditional living rooms. For example, antique pieces are definitely stylish, elegant and certainly very eye catching. For those who are searching for some timeless elegance, then you will definitely love the look and feel of a walnut coffee table or a beautiful mahogany desk. To keep things interesting, you can also mix in some bold colors such as deep reds and golds to give off an elegant, bold statement. When it comes to design ideas, you can definitely opt for bold colors as they add an artistic touch to your home.

It is imperative to understand that when choosing the right colors for your spaces, you need to consider comfort first. When it comes to traditional living room furniture, it is important to remember that they are meant to provide comfort. The colors that you choose must be warm and comforting. In order to achieve this effect, you should pick colors that complement your family’s likes and dislikes such as the walls and upholstery as well as your comfortable sofa or chair.

Darker Color Selection Makes More Comfortable

For example, if you have a traditional living room with an open floor plan, then you can go for darker and richer colors such as black, brown, beige and even earthy tones. These colors will give your room a cozy feel, almost as if you are sitting in a dark cave. If your floor plan has solid neutral walls, then you can brighten them up by painting the walls in lighter shades such as beige, tan or white. This gives your room more depth and will make it look more spacious. You can also use cushions on your sofa chairs to add comfort to your seats.

On the other hand, if you have a traditional living room decor featuring an L-shaped sitting area, then you should choose a bold color palette such as red, yellow and green. These brighter hues will create an energizing sensation that will instantly motivate visitors to spend more time in your space. Your sofa and chairs in this type of arrangement should be made out of sturdy, solid fabric materials. Leather, vinyl and other durable fabric materials are ideal.

Fireplaces Are Traditional Living Room Design Ideas

If you have an elegant classic style living space, then you may wish to add some timeless classics such as nickel, gold and silver pieces. These classic elements are both elegant and durable. They are also very easy to maintain and clean. Another classic option for your traditional living room design ideas would be the inclusion of a fireplace. Fireplaces in this classic design are usually fashioned after the Victorian era and can be very ornate or simple.

If you wish to incorporate wood elements into your traditional living room design, then your best bet would be to go for furniture with a natural and earthy tone. Pine furniture is a great option as it is warm and inviting. Cedar is another good choice. This type of wood is known for its versatility, which makes it very easy to incorporate it into many different rooms. Teak furniture also exudes a nice degree of warmth. This can be further enhanced with the addition of candles and other decorative accessories.


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