Tips For Decorating a Scandinavian Living Room

470 – The captivating array of Scandinavian living room furniture on show today will guarantee that you’ll fall in love with innovative and beautiful design throughout your lifetime! Imagine the joy of relaxing in your favorite chair watching your favorite show! The beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian design have won hearts worldwide.

Scandinavian Interior Design Characteristics

The characteristic lines and clean, straight lines of Scandinavian interior design have been popular for many decades and were brought to the attention of the world by the famous Swedish interior designer Eero Aarnio around 1960. He combined a distinctive style based on the countryside with warm colors and light fixtures to create his own unique vision of interior design. Since then, the use of Scandinavian living room furniture has grown rapidly and now includes not just basic furniture but also highly decorative throws and lamps, beautifully decorated sofas and loveseats, chandeliers and lighting.

If you are looking for a truly inspirational and timeless interior design, then the Scandinavian living room is ideal. This type of design mixes elements from many other styles, yet maintains its Nordic focus. Scandinavian interior design focuses on simple, clean lines that are free of ornamentation. Instead of using ornate carvings or curves, the emphasis is on shapes such as rectangles, squares and circles. Simple geometric shapes such as squares, ovals, rectangles and circle are used for furniture and accessories. For the walls, instead of using typical bold floral prints, neutral earth tones such as beige, yellow and terracotta are used to give the rooms a relaxed feeling.

Scandinavian Interior Design Destinations

As stated above, the goal of Scandinavian interior design is to keep the focus on simple shapes and lines. As a result, the furniture and accessories used are much less elaborate. The result is that the beauty of the furnishings can be appreciated without having to over-blemish the look by adding too many decorative touches, such as heavy lacquer wall paint or fancy carpets. With the Scandinavian living room, simplicity is key.

Scandinavian interior design also takes time to match the elements together. Color coordination is a key element and must be done carefully. Not all color palettes will work well with the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic, so it is best to coordinate using only two or three primary colors with neutral accents. Contrasting colors such as orange and blue are also good options for the living room. When contrasting, make sure that the furniture is not too busy so as not to distract from the beautiful lines and elements of the interior.

Flooring is another important component of this type of interior design. While the goal of this design is to keep the focus on the elements, it still works to keep surfaces clutter-free. Neutral colored flooring that are either soft or rough in texture work well with the Scandinavian motifs. Slate, flagstones, wooden floors, and other natural materials are great choices.

More Modern Decorating Style

Scandinavian interior design is an effective solution to the challenge presented by more modern decorating styles. It offers a balance between boldness and minimalism. As a result, a home decorated in this style can be both interesting and charming at the same time. Homeowners can achieve this through careful attention to detail, tasteful use of textures, and symmetry. By paying attention to every detail, Nordic designers have been able to create visually appealing spaces that work well to solve issues of clutter and excess.

Using similar colors, like light grey and off-white, along the walls and floors is a great way to transition the room from casual to formal. Nordic interior designers do this quite well. Instead of using bold colors like red, blue, and black, the focus is on textures instead. In particular, gray and off-white tiles, combined with flooring made of slate and stone, create a unique and sophisticated feel to the living room. Transforming a space with such color scheme would help you achieve the ultimate Scandinavian look.


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