Small Shabby Chic Dining Room Ideas

536 – Looking for a small shabby chic dining room? The first thing you might want to consider is where in your home you might be able to place such a lovely small shabby chic dining room. Many homes of today are equipped with many different decorative pieces, but it is often the smaller ones that get the most use. Here are a few ideas for small shabby chic dining room design.

Furniture and Antiques Perfect for a Shabby Chic Dining Room

If you are like me, you love shabby chic furnishings and antiques. A great place to start with your shabby chic dining rooms are the family room or the kitchen. You can purchase an antique crystal plate or crystal platter for your dining room and use it as a table on which to display your special collection of crystal antiques. If you do not have such a collection, then you can search around flea markets and garage sales to find a vintage mirror, a piece of furniture that has been left out in the weather that still functions.

You may want to start off with a small shabby chic dining room along the walls. An antique lace and needlepoint pillow and an old rose antique console table will give your dining area a charming and artsy air. Use a sheer sheath curtain as a top layer over the sheer sheath curtain for a layered effect. You could also add a vintage distressed lace tablecloth and matching cushions. The addition of floral arrangements in the form of vases will complete the look.


If you have a fireplace in your living room, you can use it to create a focal point by adding a small shabby chic dining room table and a pair of wooden chopsticks on either side of the fireplace as a visual reference. You could also place two tea pot holders on either side of your fireplace. One of them can be covered in glass to display a few figurines while the other is open for displaying fresh flowers. Candles can be used to complement this arrangement.

Tips for Elegantly Decorating a Dining Room

You can dress up a shabby chic dining room chair very elegantly by using a wrought iron candle holder and a birdcage veil to match the dining room chair. You could place a pair of vintage mules beside the chair or drape a shabby chandelier overtop of the open doorway. Add crystal candelabras and you will have a luxurious looking area for relaxing with a cup of tea. If you are entertaining guests, the candelabras and the chandelier will provide soft lighting that will not disturb your guest’s sleep.

An old table with a cradling chair can also be made into an elegant shabby chic table with some carefully placed crystals and some beautiful fabrics. Cover the legs of the old table with fabric and drape the chair with ruffled velvet. A matching dish rack and a couple of glasses perched atop the open shelf will complete this look. An antique vase or a plant can be used to hold plants that you intend to put around the shabby chic table.

The Best Modified Wood Ideas

You can create a fabulous shabby chic table and chair set even if you do not own a lot of antique furniture. All that is needed is a gently worn, creased wood that is still in fairly good condition and a few bright crystals to finish off the ensemble. For the chair, choose a classic but modified antique style with one or two pendants. Place the center pedestal of the chair with one pendant in front of a crystal window pane that is facing a window that faces another important wall. You can use an old table cloth or a tissue box to wrap the chair to complete the look.

The key to creating a fantastic shabby-chic-looking dining room is to find period pieces that have either a light or airy feel to them. Pendants are ideal for creating a romantic looking space and you can add your own lamps to the design or a vintage specimen lamp from your grandmother’s home. Remember to keep the elements in the design in mind when choosing your lighting so that it cohes well with the items you are using. If you do a lot of reading in your room, consider getting a vintage bookcase with glass doors that is tall with tall shelves and display your favorite books in a decorative way. A vintage lamp such as a crystal chandelier will provide soft lighting that will enhance the look and feel of the room.


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