Mid Century Modern Living Rooms – Decorating For the 21st Century


Erlanggablog.com – Welcome to mid-century modern family room design collection that features 15 vibrant Dreamy Mid-Century Modern Family Room Ideas You’ll fall in love with where have chosen and collected only the very best mid-century modern family room ideas that fit perfectly with the decor and the time period it belongs to. Each idea is brought to life through photographs accompanied by an easy-to-follow plan. You will have so much fun putting these ideas together, and you may even feel a little bit inspired to take the mid-century modern decorating concept and run with it! Take a look at these wonderful ideas, and you are sure to make your family room one that everyone will love for years to come.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Blend

You have a great selection of items to choose from such as tables, couches, lamps, rugs, lighting, wall hangings, paintings, sculptures, and more. With so many options, it is possible for this family room design to feel very eclectic. It can also be very sophisticated and formal, or very casual and traditional. A great way to help tie this design all together is to have coordinating color and pattern accessories throughout the room. A great way to do this is by using mid-century modern family room wall cards to tie everything together and give this family room a sense of unity and togetherness.

Choose a coffee table that is sleek and understated for a contemporary feel. For an antique feel, look for an ornate coffee table with a carved top or a glass tabletop. Remember, not only do these coffee tables need to match the rest of the design, they also need to match the lighting. Look for mid-century modern family room wall cards that feature geometric or classic shapes, and use lamps in the same complementary shade. The use of the right lighting will make the most difference when it comes to the ambiance that a family room creates.

Perfect Rustic Modern Family Room Ideas

Rustic modern family rooms are a great way to bring a feeling of outdoors in your home. Because of the light and airy nature of these rooms, you can let your imagination go wild. Look for large windows that allow lots of sunlight in the living room. You may even choose to add a wooden floor over a natural stone or tile floor in the rustic design.

For a cozy, charming feel, try to create a cozy living room. This interior design idea takes mid-century modern family room decorating ideas one step further. Create an atmosphere where family gatherings and bonding moments happen naturally and without much stress. Try using wood paneling and lots of open space for a cozy, cottage-like atmosphere. Add warm cushions and you’ve got a relaxing, fun living space.

If you like the idea of creating a relaxed atmosphere, consider the addition of a coffee table and a leather or metal sofa. A stylish coffee table will make the biggest impact in the living room. A leather or metal sofa is also a great addition, since it will provide a place to sit while you enjoy the TV in other areas of the room.

Popular Metal And Glass Interior Design

One element of interior design that has become popular with mid-century modern living rooms is the use of metal and glass. Mid-century designers favored sleek, simple designs, so if you want to create the look, consider pairing a metal or glass coffee table with a simplistic metal or glass vanity set. A good pair of cabinets will help you achieve the clean lines that you’re striving for. Wall decor may be one of the most important factors in designing a unique interior design style. Try to find wall hangings and pictures that convey a feeling of space.

Mid-century modern homes often feature a plethora of board games and other forms of media. The addition of a few modern family room games like Monopoly or Scrabble may provide hours of fun and relaxation for the entire family. If you don’t have access to Monopoly or Scrabble, try playing one of the many other games that are available on board stores.


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