Handmade Vs Machine Made Bracelets – Is One Better Than the Other?


Erlanggablog.com – Handmade is now a household term. No longer is it just a hobby or a trade pursued by people with technical skills. In fact, being a artisan is often seen as prestigious and as someone who is highly educated and skilled in their craft. In an economic sense, especially the Middle Ages and before, the word is generally used to describe those engaged in hand, art or domestic production of their own material, such as by jewelers, smiths, or tinkers. These days, however, the word has extended to include a much wider scope, including the making of clothing, dishes, furniture, tapestries, cosmetics, bags and other consumer goods.

The Difference of Handmade Which Has Higher Quality

When we say “handmade”, this automatically means that the object is of a higher quality than commercially available equivalents. It also normally refers to the process rather than the finished product. For example, it does not mean that the handmade object is actually made by a blacksmith. Rather, it is the method of its production and the skills involved in its making which are given special recognition and esteem by society.

So how can we differentiate between the two terms? Well, there is no specific distinction in meaning, except in the use of two different terms to describe very similar products. It is sometimes possible to draw a boundary around handmade and handcrafted items, but this depends on how the definition of each term is used. For example, while jewelry handmade by one jeweler may be called “handcrafted”, when she sells it to another jeweler who might call it “handcrafted”, then the second jeweler’s definition will tend to dominate. A better approach would be to include all handcrafted items in the category of artisan created goods.

So what is meant by “handcrafted”? In general, an artisan refers to someone who has specialized in the production of handmade objects. In other cases, the term can mean that only certain specialists are involved in the process, or simply that the person is considered to have “created” the handmade object. The term “handmade object” itself therefore generally denotes something created at considerable personal effort and expense.

Handmade Describes the Creation of Something Superior Quality

The term “hand-made” is often used to describe the creation of something superior quality. In the case of handmade jewelry, the object must meet certain criteria such as being made from original elements and using the latest technological methods. Sometimes it is necessary for the object to pass certain standards set by the craftsmen who have devoted their lives to the process of hand-making. Such standards of superiority are not subjective but have been internationally accepted as fundamental requirements of good craftsmanship.

Many people are confused between “handcrafted” and “handcrafted product”. In the context of jewelry making, the word “handcrafted” refers to the fact that the jewelry is produced in a manner that meets the highest possible standards of beauty. “Handcrafted products” on the other hand, refer to those products that meet the minimum standard of attractiveness, but which lack any additional quality feature that would indicate that they were “handcrafted”. The confusion between the two words is further compounded by the fact that both words can apply to handmade bracelets, handmade earrings or even handmade shoes. All three are, in fact, handmade items, albeit produced in different ways. While some may consider some or all three to be of superior quality than others, they are all still handmade.

Distinguishing Products From Crafts

When buying handmade items, it is important to be careful about what you are really buying. Some so-called handmade items are actually machine-crafted items that are indistinguishable from machine-made products except for their superficial appearance. Other times, an artisan may advertise that his or her handmade jewelry or handbags are handcrafted, when what they are actually made out of are commercial grade materials. It is always best to ask the seller to explain the materials used. You should also bear in mind that most handmade crafts have a long life span and thus will be well worth your while.

The key to answering the question of which is better, handcrafted vs handmade, is to first determine what your specific needs and desires are. If you have a unique piece that you think would appeal to you as much as a machine-crafted item, then you may want to go with handcrafted. For everyday use, you may want to go with the handmade variety. The next time you go shopping, consider these questions before you make your purchase:


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