Providing Safety to Your Child During Their Industrial Playroom Days

517 – Children love to play in the industrial playroom but it’s not always possible to let them. Children get bored easily and before long they’re running about and having a great time without any attention. An industrial playroom is a perfect way to entertain your child in a safe environment. In fact, the best way to explain the industrial playroom to a child is to think of an old-fashioned children’s tea party. The Play Sin is a lightweight, strong, galvanized steel ornamental sign which is custom engraved and therefore your personal message, as well as the design you choose, can be exactly what your child wants.

Play Sign Safe Ways to Entertain Children

The Play Sign makes it possible to do exactly that – entertain your child in a safe environment. Children are not always happy with bright lights so the industrial version of this toy can be left on at night too. The Play Sign consists of three small parts which are screwed together. There is a base that has a large brass ‘X’ through which the letters are suspended, a large brass cord that leads to the sign, and finally, there is a plastic play-section at the top. This is held through a small brass post that fits into the base. At the end of the metal cord, there is a plastic cup from which the child can drink.

To add to the look of the industrial playroom you could paint the top of the plastic play-section a bright color. Then you could get some cardboard boxes printed up with funny sayings or even one of those great cardboard stamps for kids. There are also lots of different cardboard stamps available which will amuse any child. There are even some industrial-themed magnets available.

Have a Functional Artwork

These magnets make great decorative wall decorations and are very easy to attach and detach. They are also washable, which means you can reuse them over again. Once the kids have left the room, simply hang up the sign, and voila! You have a functional piece of art. Or if you want to get really creative you can use the children’s favorite toys. For example, let’s say your child loves to play with Legos, then by covering their favorite building blocks with Legos you will have created a wonderful display in the playroom.

Another thing you could do is get some old VHS tapes and record your own home movies in the industrial playroom. In this case, you may need to find some extra VHS cassettes or tapes. You could even borrow some from a friend or relative if they don’t have any. Then you would simply record the movie in the background while you play with the children. They will soon get bored with watching the movie, which means it won’t take long before they toss all the tapes away.

Helpful Ideas Kids and Parents Love

This is another useful idea that both parents and children would appreciate. Instead of the children’s favorite toy being left in a corner because it is taking up valuable floor space, place it in the entertainment center. You could add a DVD player with video games or some educational toys for them to play with. Now there is something that kids love and parents don’t complain about.

Once the children are done playing in their industrial playroom, make sure that you reward them with something. It would be nice to give them a small cash reward so that they will think of you every time they enter their industrial playroom. It also wouldn’t hurt to provide them with a small gift card so they can buy some of their toys from you. If they take a toy from you then you get a small discount on the price.

Of course, you should not let your child bring any toys home for their own use. This may lead to dangerous behavior on their part. Also, don’t give them a free ride. Children always love to take rides but this can lead them astray. Remember to watch over them and if ever they are in danger, call the fire department for help.


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