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Erlanggablog.com – Industrial interior design is the science and art of improving the inside of a commercial or residential building to create a more aesthetically pleasing and healthier environment for those who use the room. An industrial interior designer is a person who usually plans, conducts, and oversees such improvement projects. It is his responsibility to determine what type of changes are needed, how they will affect the building’s performance, and whether the changes will have any negative consequences on the structure.

Industrial Interior Design Floor Lamp Installation

One example of an industrial interior design process includes the installation of floor lamps. These are often referred to as fluorescent floodlights because they improve areas that are dark or where lighting is not otherwise useful. The fluorescent floodlamps create a very friendly and comfortable environment that makes it easy for people to work or rest. Such floor lamps may be placed in office spaces to provide safety. They may also be placed to increase the appeal of some spaces.

Another idea for industrial interior design involves the use of decorative concrete surfaces. Concrete is usually made with cement dust aggregate. In areas where industrial chic decorating ideas are applied, such concrete surfaces may include abstract designs made from concrete dust or simple slab or tile patterns. Such concrete surfaces are available in various thicknesses and are customized to meet specific client requirements. These surfaces can be used for walkways, alleys, driveways, pool decks, parking lots, industrial buildings, industrial homes, and even sidewalks.

Loft The Right Interior Design Location

Lofts are also examples of places where industrial spaces are incorporated into the interior design. They are characterized by multiple levels, but there is one large open room at the core of all the lofts. The lofts are becoming extremely popular as a result of the aesthetic trend referred to as industrial futurism. This trend takes inspiration from various historic periods in world history, such as the Art Deco Period, Art Nouveau, Artistic Period, Cubists, and Expressionists.


As part of industrial interior design, industrial lofts may have brick veneers or concrete walls. Large windows may be incorporated so that natural light can stream into the building. Also, various materials may be used to cover up the concrete walls, including brick, wood, sheetrock, plastic, glass, and even paper. Large factory shutters are used on the lower level of the lofts to conceal factory equipment, pipes, and other items. Shifting and ventilation of industrial equipment are done on a regular basis to keep the environment comfortable and safe for workers.

Various Architectural Trends for Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings and facilities are also affected by various architectural trends. One such trend includes the use of modular buildings and other forms of manufacturing units. Modular buildings are buildings or units that are built in a factory and then shipped to their destination. These buildings can be configured according to the needs of the manufacturing process. For example, some industrial designs may require large storage units while others need offices with at least one and a half floors.

Apart from the classic industrial interior decor styles mentioned above, you can also try other unique interior themes. You can create a modernistic themed environment by using polished concrete floors in various rooms. Also, you can use stainless steel appliances and chrome fittings. Also, you can add beautiful lighting to the industrial-style rooms. In order to create an authentic industrial setting, you should hire an interior designer with outstanding industrial design ideas.

Another interesting trend is to decorate homes in distressed or vintage style. Homes in distressed or vintage interior design are usually designed with brick, rough wood facades, exposed pipes, exposed electrical wires, and various industrial features. These distressed or vintage homes give a feeling of nostalgia, although they are inspired by industrial settings. You can try to look out for homes that have interesting architectural features and amazing floor plans using the home decor industrial style.



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