Industrial Interior Design Trends

920 – The clean lines and contemporary aesthetic of industrial home decor can be exactly what you need. Some of the hallmarks of industrial home interior design are warm, open floor plans, uncluttered metal and plywood shelving, and sturdy, low-maintenance materials such as cement pipe, plumbing piping, and solid, sturdy wood. Interior furnishings are usually sleek and understated, devoid of the complex and intricate hand-painted plaques of country and farmhouse style living rooms.

Characteristics of Industrial Home Designs

If you’re looking for a more casual feel in your home, perhaps you’re looking for industrial furniture to coordinate with your vision of a cozy, comfortable space. Industrial home interior design is also geared toward low maintenance, because materials used in construction are usually either weather-resistant vinyl or galvanized steel. While industrial furniture often does not have high quality craftsmanship, it does provide durability. If you plan to use your industrial furniture in a garage, you may want to consider wrought iron, cast aluminum, or steel.

Characteristics of industrial home designs include exposed, sturdy woods such as cedar or redwood, dark, neutral colors, and plain, geometric lines. Rustic and mountain craftsman decorations can combine with wrought iron to create a beautiful room decor. Rustic wall art, handmade tiles, antiques, and antler artwork are all possibilities for adding a personal touch to your interior design scheme. Characterized by rugged design, industrial furniture will help you to add warmth and character to your home. Rustic wall art, handmade tiles, antler artwork, and other unique items make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Decorating Tips Choosing Industrial Home Furniture

Industrial furniture is designed to be durable and low maintenance, which makes it ideal for busy homeowners. Wrought iron industrial home decor adds a rugged feeling to a bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. Characterized by clean lines and dark wood finishes, this furniture can also help you stay organized. With storage options for small appliances and many pieces being customizable, this furniture is the perfect solution if you need to store and organize your items. If you have children, this furniture is easily repurposed into child sized corner beds or day beds.

Wrought iron accents and decorative touches like wooden drawer slides, open-faced filing cabinets, and wooden candle holders add charm and warmth to a home decorated in industrial home interior design. Characterized by warm colors and rich wood finishes, industrial furniture makes a romantic and cozy atmosphere in a bedroom or kitchen. Wood toned shelves, open faced filing cabinets, and table tops with decorative scroll work can provide a focal point for any room. Candle holders, book racks, and other wood accents allow you to easily display ornaments and decorative accessories that complement your theme.

Industrial Home Design Trends with Stainless Steel

For the kitchen, industrial home design trends have moved away from bulky appliances and replaced them with sleek and simple utility boxes. Popular options include open faced storage containers with modern stainless steel pulls, beverage coasters, countertop convection ovens, undercounter refrigerators, and island freezers. Corning material can be used in many home designs to create clean lines and a minimalist feel. This includes floor tiles, blinds, and window sills that are manufactured using high-tech materials that require minimal maintenance and will stand up to heat and moisture.

Homeowners that have chosen to go with industrial interior design will want to pay special attention to bathrooms. High quality tile floors help create the illusion of a larger space. Bright and vibrant colors are commonly incorporated into industrial home decorating ideas, especially on floors that aren’t used as frequently as other parts of the home. Laminate countertops and stainless steel appliances create a modern and simplistic approach to this important room. These durable surfaces can also be protected with slip-resistant floor mats and backsplash options.

One of the biggest areas of industrial decorating ideas that homeowners can choose to incorporate into their own homes is lighting. The use of fluorescent lighting has increased dramatically in recent years, but new advancements in LED lighting make it ideal for homeowners looking to add unique twists to existing themes or create entirely new looks. In multi-level homes and offices, industrial lighting can be installed to highlight particular spaces, or to illuminate entire office workplaces for an interesting and novel ambient. Under cabinet lighting is also a popular option for this design style, providing subtle highlights in drawers, shelves, and baseboards. These accent lighting fixtures can also be easily concealed with the right shade and decorative handle.


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