Decorating Ideas For a Bohemian Home Office

700 – A Bohemian home office really is quite a unique space, it’s full of earthy colors or fresh patterns, prints or sharp lights. Any bold colors and patterns that you love are fine in this space, you can even incorporate them into your design! If you choose to keep a lot of the walls in black or dark colors, then go for large animal prints or geometric shapes. Large windows with wild fauna or abstract art work also look great. Remember to keep your office as rustic as possible so that it’s comfortable and inviting to anyone who visits.

Appropriate Color Selection

The first thing you’ll notice in any Bohemian home office design is the color palette. You don’t want your walls and desk to be the exact same shade of gray or dark green, you want bright colors that mix in well. One cool color that mixes in well is lime green. Not only is it a vibrant color, it’s also earthy and a very good fit for a living room design.

Once you’ve selected a few colors, you can move onto decorating your Bohemian home office with bold plants. Natural plants are a must; remember that you’re working in a nature preserve so you don’t need to stuff these plants full of chemicals! Plants and flowers can either be displayed in their own pots or vases, or you can have small plants hanging from your desk or table top. Both ways are super cute and will add a touch of naturality to your workstation.

Speaking of colors, one element that you definitely shouldn’t miss is a huge flag shaped mirror. Having a huge mirror that can be hung from the wall adds a lot of character and Bohemian flair to any home office. What’s better is the nice craftsmanship that a corner flag frame provides, something that will definitely be appreciated by all who visit.

Using Natural Furniture

Now, let’s talk about actual furniture that you should keep in your Bohemian office decor. Again, you’re going for natural furniture so try and stay away from anything too technological. Things such as computers, printers, faxes, and similar pieces of technology should be kept to the minimum, at least in the main room where the business takes place. Instead, try and select furniture pieces that match the nature of your business, such as an old worn out desk with some vintage lampshades, or a rustic wooden table and chairs with an old wood-colored fabric.

Just a note of caution: in most cases, modern and sleek design will probably look best in a modern home office, even if it fits in with the Bohemian office concept. A more classic, or more traditional room, may require more transitional or eclectic designs to give it a cohesive look. Also, I would recommend avoiding buying corkscrews, shot glasses, or similar items for your home office as they are typically for a bar and therefore inappropriate for a home office. If you must have them, maybe you could have them customized to fit the theme.

Beautiful Decoration Accessories

Finally, what about the decorating accessories? For this particular piece, I recommend having a large piece of art that is either framed or displayed on the wall that has your own personal artwork on it. If you don’t have any paintings, perhaps some high resolution photos of your favorite locations would work just as well. Plants are also a wonderful option for this room. Plants such as pale pink succulents or large varieties of cactus will make an interesting centerpiece for your workstation design and can actually serve as a very productive motivator for creativity.


With these Bohemian furniture tips, you can decorate your home office in a way that brings on an artistic mood as well as keeping you from working too hard. A home office should be relaxing, as well as inviting. The best decorating ideas are those that evoke a relaxed atmosphere. One thing that you definitely want to avoid, however, is an overly stuffed, fuzzy, or busy looking couch. Instead, try to find styles that match the colors of your walls and other decor in your Bohemian office, while still creating a welcoming and comfortable feel.


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