Small Mediterranean Apartment Gardening Ideas

673 – When looking at small Mediterranean apartments you really have to keep in mind the balcony. Remember, a balcony is like a window box with the balcony serving as the main entrance and exit to your apartment. The balcony should have at least a small entry way and exit or it might not be worth having one. You don’t want to be in your apartment the next morning and see someone trying to pry your curtains open on your balcony! Your balcony may only have a small amount of space for you to walk around so choose wisely. There are two basic types of balconies and these are covered and sheltered.

The Most Popular Type Of Balcony

The most popular type of balcony is the covered one. This can be built out of materials such as glass, ceramic tile, stone, or plastic. If you choose this type, make sure you choose ones that are low enough for you to get in and out easily. This will save you time on getting up and down from your small apartment unit. The materials used for the roof terrace of your small Mediterranean apartment should also be easy to clean.

A rooftop container is a container on your roof that has a very small amount of space for you to plant life. It’s perfect for people who live in tiny apartments and need to save space. This is not a good idea for anyone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of time on their plants and flowers. If you’re going to use a rooftop container be sure you pick plants that are sturdy and can survive in the climate of your area.

Use Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are another thing that can give your balcony a small boost and increase its functionality. These hanging baskets have a number of benefits. They allow light to filter through the area of your balcony, which can improve your mood. They also provide some additional decoration to the area of your apartment. If you plan on using hanging baskets, be sure to place them high enough so that they don’t obstruct your view of the sky.

Having a small roof terrace might seem like a bad idea, but it does have one advantage – it can serve as an outdoor kitchen. That’s right, if you plan on putting some cooking utensils or other features like a grill on your rooftop terrace this can be a great way to help save space and keep your kitchen more organized than if you didn’t put any of these things on your rooftop terrace. You can also add extra benches or other amenities that will make your apartment more attractive and convenient. Having an outdoor kitchen will be a great feature for anyone with a small apartment.

For people who live in apartments that lack space, hanging planters can also be a great option. Hanging planters are typically small planters that are designed specifically to hang on a small balcony or small roof. They typically come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They are made from materials that are lightweight and cheap. They can be painted any color you like and will last for years without any worry of mold build up or rotting.

Creative Ideas for Making Small Garden Balconies

Another creative small garden ideas is to create a small balcony or outdoor living area that is out of the way of traffic. A good idea would be to create a free standing balcony that has an open design. This type of balcony could be decorated in order to make it a bit more interesting. You could place large potted plants on the balcony railing. You could use vines or other creative climbing plants to create a climbing wall along the top of your apartment building. This could serve as a great place to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

If you are not a fan of plants, you can still create a garden in your Mediterranean apartment. A good idea for people who do not want to commit to a gardening design is to simply dig a small hole under their apartment and spread a layer of compost in the bottom of the hole. This layer can be used to help fertilize your plants. Your plants balcony will have plenty of healthy greens to feed on this way.


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